11 Awesome Melbourne Classes at $55 and Under

Learn a skill or two in this awesome guide of Melbourne classes that are easy on the pocket.

Creativity 4 min read Sep 27, 2019
11 Awesome Melbourne Classes at $55 and Under

If you’ve ever wanted to give your skillset a boost, but were maybe held back by not having enough funds, then we’ve got plenty of ways for you to learn new tricks - without breaking the bank! Whether you want to become a more seasoned creative or you’re looking to gain important life skills, here are some of the best classes and workshops to try.

Botanical Art Workshop with John Pastoriza-Piñol

If you’re an aspiring natural illustrator or you yearn to learn to draw nature’s wonders, this class offers the perfect jump-off point. Learn from Australian contemporary botanical artist, John Pastoriza-Piñol, as he teaches you to develop skills in botanical drawing inspired from both centuries-old and contemporary botanical art. John will teach on his style of composition, drawing, painting application and colour theory. You will end the class taking home your own realistic botanical drawing.

Where: Domain House
When: July 9th
Cost: $50

Freedom for the Actor at The Rehearsal Room

For anyone with a real passion for acting, this workshop aims to empower performing artists by helping one discover what key blocks hold back from practicing freedom and spontaneity as a natural acting state. It will be an exciting session where you will have the opportunity to work with experienced teachers who will guide you through exercises to help overcome emotional blocks and learn to be bold in the craft of act.

Where: The Dream Factory
When: June 4th
Cost: $10

Chocolate Connoisseur in the Making at Sisko Chocolate

If chocolate heaven exists, this class would be it. Learn the story of how cocoa turns to chocolate in an in-depth evening of chocolate, and best of all, treat your taste buds to an assortment of exceptional chocolate. And if that’s not enough, you also come away with a box of your favourite chocolate to go! Ready to ditch your diet yet?

Where: Sisko Chocolate Eastland
When: June 3rd
Cost: $38

Cut! At Rest in Pieces

Join Rest in Pieces for a spesh evening of film, taxidermy, drinks, antipasto and some lovely company. If you’re up for a relaxing night and you’ve been curious about taxidermy, this special event will ease you right in. A taxidermy related film will be screened in a cozy cinema, whilst you enjoy a cocktail bar and interesting conversations.

Where: Longplay
When: July 18th
Cost: $20 (Movie), $25 (Movie and Antipasto)

Hip Hop and Urban Choreography at Impulsive Artists in Motion

If you’ve been looking to get your street moves down, this class can get you doing just that in no time. Impulsive Artists in Motion holds dance classes for beginners and pros and teaches all the freshest moves in hip hop and urban dancing. Classes are held by passionate and skilled dancer Paigey Lushy who has received training from across Australia and around the world.

Where: The Pulse
When: Multiple dates available in June
Cost: $15 (Regular), $13.50 (Bring-a-Friend)

Brewery Tour & Tasting at 3 Ravens Brewery

If you’ve had burning questions about beer that you knew your beer friends could never answer, then what better to do than to head on down to this tour and learn from one of the pioneers of the Australian craft beer revolution. Get a behind the scenes peek at their quality craft brewery, understand the craft brewing process and taste your way through samples of the 3 Ravens range, including rare varieties from their cellar.

Where: 3 Ravens Brewery
When: June 17th, July 1st
Cost: $35

CPR Training at Brunswick Neighbourhood House

Looking to gain some essential life skills? Gaining CPR skills should be on top of the list. The Brunswick Neighborhood House offers 3-hour certification CPR courses that are completely hands-on, where participants learn how to administer both Expired Air Resuscitation and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, as well as how to act accordingly in a life-threatening incident.

Where: Brunswick Neighbourhood House
When: June 21st
Cost: $55 (Regular), $45 (Concession)

Beginners African Drumming Classes 

Be part of a fun and lively where you will be introduced to the essentials of African Drumming. The classes will cover the history of West African drumming, learning the basic techniques, developing your groove, even getting to play together as an ensemble, and gaining a deeper appreciation for the djembe.

Where: African Drumming St. Kilda
When: July 4th, August 15th, September 26th, November 7th
Cost: $145 (6-week cycle full rate), $130 (6-week cycle concession), $26 (Casual), $23 (Casual concession)

Growing Fruit & Veggies in Small Spaces at Bulleen Art and Garden

Have you been keen to grow your own edible garden but don’t know where to start? You can do so without actually owning an enormous plot of land. Drop by Bulleen’s workshop to learn how to grow delicious, fresh produce right from your own home. The class will teach you how to make most out of your little space to grow a fruit and veggie garden with just a little planning and a bit of creativity.

Where: Bulleen Art and Garden
When: July 15th
Cost: $45 (Regular), $40 (Multi-ticket)

Good Dog Masterclass: Keeping Your Dog Busy When You’re Short On Time

Are you a dog owner who struggles with a busy schedule? Don’t worry because you can still be a good dog owner even with little time. Curious to know how that works? Join this workshop and learn from an expert dog trainer on how to care for and keep your furry pal entertained even when you live a busy life. You’ll discover creative ways meet your dog’s needs, and help him or her develop not just physically, but also mentally! The class will also teach you how to handle any behavioural problems your pet may be having.

Where: Work-Shop Melbourne
When: June 20th
Cost: $40 (Regular), $36 (Bring-a-Friend)

One-Night Palate Trainer with Armadale Cellars

Be part of an exclusive tasting session and learn all about the wine trade, with all its variety and eccentricity. This intimate wine tasting course will have you discovering the nuances in the smell and taste of wine, as well as gain an understanding of your own palate. You’ll hear from Phil Hude, a 20-year veteran in the wine trade and owner of Armadale Cellars.

Where: Armadale Cellars
When: June 27th, August 29th, September 18th
Cost: $49

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