The Best Jewellery Making Classes in Sydney

True happiness is wearing jewellery made with your own fair hands.

Creativity 4 min read Aug 12, 2020
The Best Jewellery Making Classes in Sydney

Etsy better watch out when you decide to take on even just one or two of these jewellery making classes in Sydney. Whether you’re looking to start a hobby or a business, every course covers the tricks of the trade, as well as everything you will need to set yourself up for success! So if you’re ready to try your hand at beading, hammering, stamping or soldering, then check out this definitive list of the best jewellery making classes in Sydney.

Etsy Masterclass: Resin Jewellery at Work-Shop

Here’s something to add to the resin obsession: you can also make cool resin jewellery and it’s also something you can do at home with just a few simple tools. Taught by resin-obsessed Jodie Dench, you will master how to mix resin and colour pigment to design, and complete two unique resin bangles and another two resin rings.

Where: Work-Shop Sydney
When: July 22nd, September 24th, October 21st, November 18th
Cost: $120

Ceramic Jewellery Workshop at Sew Make Create

Have fun creating all sorts of shapes, textures, and glazes to make beautiful ceramic jewellery like a custom necklace or brooch. Have fun going through the stages of design and discover the practicality there is to using clay. More important, you walk out of class with jewellery making skills, even if you walked in as a beginner. Your ceramics will be fired and be available two weeks after the course.

Where: Sew Make Create
When: September 3rd
Cost: $125

Resin & Silver Jewelry Workshop at Lakehouse Studio

Create a silver and resin jewellery collection that is fabulously bright, modern and definitely different! In this three-hour workshop presented by creative mentor Lorna Ballantyne Epps, you will get to experiment with resin, and learn how to add colour, effect, and style to your pieces. It’s a fun and experimental class that will have you designing and making either a clear resin pendant and a choice of a set of silver earrings, or cufflinks, ready to wear by the end of the day.

Where: Lakehouse Studio
When: July 30th
Cost: $175

Beginners and Intermediate with Charlotte Richardson at Gaffa

Even if you’re the most inexperienced of craft novices or are pretty well-versed in terms of jewellery making, Gaffa’s workshop is suitable for you. Taught by artist and jewellery maker Charlotte Richardson, you will learn or refresh on the essential jewellery making techniques and then move on to the more advanced methods, such as roller printing, bezel setting, and reticulation. Get excited because you will have the chance to design and make a ring set, as well as a pendant or earrings!

Where: Gaffa
When: August 9th
Cost: $370

Beginners Jewellery Making Course at SquarePeg Studios

Looking to take on a serious hobby? Then get serious about crafting in this 7-week jewellery making course by SquarePeg Studios. You’ll go through the basics and beyond, and experiment will all kinds of jewellery techniques such as cutting, texturing, stamping and more. Finally, finish the course with your own specially made sterling silver ring.

Where: SquarePeg Studios
When: July 20th, September 5th & 7th, October 31st, November 2nd
Cost: $340 (7-Week), $320 (Bring-a-Friend)

Polymer Clay Jewellery Workshop at Candu

If there was ever the world’s most affordable, versatile and forgiving medium for jewellery making, polymer clay would be it. At Candu Creative, You can make a limitless variety of jewellery pieces just by blending different colours each time, or shaping it, weaving it, even ruffling it to however you like. In this class, you’ll learn to work with polymer clay to make beads of different shapes, sizes and colours - then add textures, patterns and embellishments to create two necklaces, two pairs of earrings, and a ring!

Where: Barnes
When: August 13th
Cost: $130

Make a Ring in a Day Workshop at SquarePeg Studios

Can you actually go from zero jewellery making skills to making a ring in a day or even less? Why, yes you can! SquarePeg Studios offers the perfect set-up for beginners to learn the fundamentals of crafting jewellery - from sizing, metal cutting, stamping and more - everything you can possibly need to make a neat sterling silver ring for your own.

Where: SquarePeg Studios
When: August 27th, September 9th, October 7th, November 5th & 11th, December 9th
Cost: $190

Make your own gemstone ring - or even two! at SquarePeg Studios

Ready to take your skills up a notch or two? This two-day course taught by a contemporary jeweller of 30 years Diane Appleby will guide you through the design and crafting process of a set of gems. You can choose to either make a ring, pendant or earrings, incorporating your finished semi-precious cabochon gemstone. Absolute beginners are welcome to attend.

Where: SquarePeg Studios
When: November 18th
Cost: $340 (2 days)

Whether you want to learn jewellery making as a hobbyist, part-time enthusiast or as a first step to a full-time career, find all the classes to get you there here.