Scratch Beginners Course for Kids (7+)

Coding for Kids

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Designed specifically for children (age 7+) who are completely new to programming / coding, this program introduces our children to a lifelong skill that is important for the future.

Children will be using Scratch, a graphics based computer coding language developed by Mitchel Resnick, LEGO Papert Professor of Learning Research and head of the Lifelong Kindergarten group at the MIT media labs.

At the end of the course, students feel empowered to create, design and develop computational media which they enjoy in their daily lives. They start their journey to build the next blockbuster game (Eg. Angry Birds or Flappy Bird) here.

Most importantly, this programme strengthens their logical and problem solving skills which are useful in many aspects of life, be it immediately in their studies (e.g. Mathematics Problem Sums, Science, etc) or in the future.

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What you will learn
  • Animation - Hands on experience and application of techniques; and Making your animation come alive (music, colour, costumes)
  • Telling Stories - Creating a story board using scratch; Create your own characters, coordinate interactions; and Manage timing and broadcasting of these events
  • Gaming Time - Learn how to build interactive games; Add your own score count and games; Tackle 9 scratch programming puzzles; and Learn to debug your game
What you will get
  • Introdcution to Scratch - Explore scratch and familiarise with interface; and Basic step by step animation (loops, events and parallelism techniques)
  • Project Showcase - Work on your game/app/animation concept; Use the techniques you have learnt over the past 2 days; and Show and tell

What to bring
  • Just your enthusiasm!
What to wear


Appropriate for

Kids 7+ years old


Coding Studio

Vendor since 2017

At Coding Studio, we want to help kids to be creative thinkers. Kids will be given the opportunity to learn how to work on creative projects, to start with an idea, to experiment, to learn from trial and error, and to see their idea come to live!

Whether your child is aiming to learn the fundamentals of coding or to become an expert programmer, the benefits of logical reasoning, step-by-step factual analysis, and critical thinking will provide a strong foundation to lean on at school or in the workplace, for life. 

Does your child dreaming of developing an app of his/her very own? Does he/she want to create fun games like the next Angry Birds or World of Warcraft to play with his/her friends? Or perhaps he/she would like to work as an animator for Lucas’ films? All these and more are possible with the proper guidance and basic programming knowledge. After that, the sky is the limit. 

We run after-school and holiday programs that cater to the needs of children aged 4-16 using graphics based programming language developed by the MIT Media Lab (Scratch & MIT App Inventor) and text based programming language Python.

- Learn to create dynamic animations, interactive stories and games 

 - Learn fundamentals of coding including logical and algorithmic thinking

- Apply computational thinking skills and creativity to create fully functional real world Mobile Apps

- Build programs in different domains e.g. web development, data science and artificial intelligence

Let our coding classes for kids, help to maximise your child’s potential and fulfil their passion for creation!   

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Refund & Cancellation Policy

Coding Studio requires 48 hours notice via email prior to the start of a class or event for a full refund or transfer.  Refunds and transfers will not be processed if cancellation occurs within 48 hours of the event commencing. We do not offer refunds for missed classes. There are no fees for refunds or transfers. For cancellations prior to the 48 hour cut off, email Coding Studio to organise a refund or transfer

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Terms & Conditions

Anyone partaking in any classes or coming to any events at Coding Studio or organised by Coding Studio must agree to these terms and conditions.


I agree to take on full responsibility for any damages, injuries and for physical and/or personal property, which I might incur whilst participating in classes and/or events organised by Coding Studio.


I agree to give Coding Studio unrestricted publishing rights for any photographs or videos taken at Coding Studio classes and events or on Coding Studio's premises. (For use of Coding Studio marketing materials).


Coding Studio requires 48 hours notice in writing prior to the class for a full refund or transfer. 


In the event that a class is cancelled, students will be notified via text message or email and entitled to a full refund or credit.

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