At a Glance

In this 1 hour introductory session you will receive a high level overview of design thinking.

Design thinking is a proven methodology for breaking down complex problems to find creative solutions through a process of prototyping. It is a process used not just for designing new business ventures or products and services, but has also been used to address complex social challenges and human-centred systems.

What You Will Get 

  • An overview of what Design Thinking is, why it's effective and an introduction to the different stages of Design Thinking, such as:

    • Immersion - mapping a problem through observation, empathy, and data

    • Synthesis - pattern finding and making new connections

    • Ideation - driving and filtering creative ideas

    • Prototyping - forming a pitch; iterating and scaling the solution

    • Feedforward - finding channels to drive strong feedback for further growth

Who Should Attend This Class?

This introductory class is designed for marketers, product managers, project managers, web developers and professionals with a general interest in learning about design thinking and UX.


  • How To Think Like an Innovator (desired but not essential)
  • Enterprise Innovation Fundamentals (desired but not essential)

Where To From Here?

  • Design Thinking Crash Course

What To Bring

  • An open mind

Dress Code

  • Anything from suits and ties to jeans and Chuck Taylors! Innovation isn't dependent on dresscode.

Group Bookings

  • Contact the team at or (03) 9996 1257 to enquire about group bookings. 


  • Our workshops and classes can take place both on campus, on-site at your organisation as well as third party sites and events such as conferences.

About The Instructor

Hamish Curry works for NoTosh, a global organisation using creative approaches like design thinking to solve some of the biggest challenges with systems of learning. Working across creative industries, education sectors, the cultural sector, and investors in learning, Hamish provides expertise in breaking down problems to find the innovative solutions.    

He has worked in education systems in the UK and Japan, run a city school for teenagers in Melbourne, grown new media programs for the State Library of Victoria, facilitated a Startup Weekend, and been central to the development of Do Lectures Australia. As the Senior Consultant for NoTosh his purpose is to empower learners to be creative problem solvers.  

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What you will learn
  • The five stages of design thinking
What you will get
  • You will get an overview of what design thinking is and of the five stages of design thinking - immersion, synthesis, ideation, prototyping and feedforward.

What to bring
  • Notebook and pen
  • The right side of your brain
What to wear

Anything from smart casual to corporate


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