Trends in Digital Marketing - Social Media, PPC & SEO


Digital Marketing Never Sits Still

Ever evolving customer expectations and new technological innovations mean digital marketing is constantly changing. The marketer who sits ahead of the curve is the one who will sit ahead of the competition.

In this panel talk, industry experts will be talking about the newest digital marketing trends and technologies which will shape the industry.

 What We Will Be Talking About

  • New advertising platforms and advertising features, and how to maximise their potential for your business

  • How to get the most out of new technologies, including live-streaming platforms

  • New SEO Algorithm changes

  • Predictions heading into 2016

  • Best practices now 

Who Should Attend This Masterclass?

  • Current marketing professionals who want to keep ahead of the curve

  • Marketing students or marketing graduates wanting to keep updated on the latest and greatest

  • Founders or business owners who run their own business's marketing

  • People who are interesting in digital marketing in general

The Speakers

Troy Townsend   Co-founder of TigerPisto

David Pagotta    Senior SEO and Analytics Specialist at WME Group.  

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What you will learn
  • Learn how new platforms and technologies present new opportunities (and challenges) in modern marketing
  • Learn new features from the largest advertising platforms, and how businesses can make them most of them
  • The newest changes to SEO, and what this means for businesses

What to wear

Whatever you feel like!


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