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In this 1-day Bootcamp you will get intimate hands on experience of the entire SCRUM process, backed by real world case studies and immersive activities.

“Scrum makes visible the dysfunctions and waste that prevent organizations from reaching their true potental"― Kenneth S. Rubin,Essential Scrum: A Practical Guide to the Most Popular Agile Process

SCRUM is Human

Scrum is a way for teams to work together to develop a product. Product development, using Scrum, occurs in small pieces, with each piece building upon previously created pieces. Building products one small piece at a time encourages creativity and enables teams to respond to feedback and change, to build exactly and only what is needed.

However, Scrum is much more than a simple framework. Scrum supports our need to be human at work: to belong, to learn, to do, to create and be creative, to grow, to improve, and to interact with other people. In other words, Scrum leverages the innate traits and characteristics in people to allow them to do great things together

The Bootcamp delivery models an Agile Scrum project and includes activities that further reinforce Agile methodologies and Scrum practices. Daily Scrums, Demonstrations and Retrospectives are integrated regularly in the course activities throughout the day.

Agile Principles

  • Define iterative and incremental development
  • Dispel Myths
  • Activity
  • Agile Principles in Action

Scrum Practice

  • Describe Scrum
  • Scrum rhythm and cadence
  • Scrum roles and responsibilities
  • Scrum Master
  • Product Owner
  • Team
  • Product Backlog, Sprint Backlog, and User Stories
  • Define the work to be completed
  • Identify when the work is done

Scrum Requirements

  • Identify and write effective User Stories
  • How Sprint requirements evolve
  • How project requirements evolve
  • Create User Stories
  • Split large items of work into small ones

Scrum Project Initiation

  • Get started
  • Create the first iteration of the Scrum Product Backlog

Scrum Estimation and Prioritisation

  • Scrum estimation introduction
  • Variations of Agile Scrum estimation
  • Prioritizing
  • Define “done”
  • Release plans
  • Activity
  • Release Planning, “just enough"

Sprint Planning

  • Prioritize
  • Define Sprint Goals
  • Estimate Size of User Stories
  • Commit to the work for the Sprint
  • Define tasks
  • Activity
  • Grooming User Stories
  • Estimating with Planning Poker
  • Determine Scrum team capacity
  • Derive duration

Execute a Sprint

  • Facilitate the Daily Scrum
  • Manage Sprint scope
  • Track Sprint status
  • Identify Sprint problems
  • Activity
  • Simulate a Sprint
  • Work with the Task Board
  • Produce and interpret the Burn Down Chart
  • Address uncertainty


  • Activity
  • Identify what was learned from Sprint
  • Extract actuals
  • Leverage Velocity
  • Adjust Release Plan, Product Backlog accordingly

Close a Scrum Sprint

  • Sprint Showcase/Demo
  • Sprint retrospective
  • Reporting Sprint results
  • Updating the Scrum Product Backlog
  • Close the Sprint

Close the Scrum Project

Who Should Take This Class?

This workshop is developed for any professional who has an interest in SCRUM. This includes business customers, users or partners, product owners and team members. Professionals interested in SCRUM including: project managers, project leads, project sponsors, IT manager/directors business analysts and developers/programmers would also benefit from this crash course in SCRUM. 


“A really good bootcamp on SCRUM! The bootcamp replicated a real world SCRUM team and everything, including breaks, was being time-boxed to help reinforce agile concepts and ideas”— Bala Thavarajah, Chief Technology Officer at Bluedot Innovation

“I highly recommend this course[2-day SCRUM Bootcamp] for any team looking into implementing Scrum.”— Alex Ilievski, Chief Technology Officer at MyGuestList

"As a growing team at b2cloud, we decided to approach Collective Campus to realign our teams mission and vision of agile and scrum. The result was a great bootcamp session with plenty of information, examples, exercises and thoughtful conversations. I found the experience really helpful and we look forward to implementing a lot of our learnings in our process. I would recommend Collective Campus to teams who need to create change, innovate and realign their scrum mindset." - Mac Korasani, B2Cloud

Group Bookings

  • Our workshops and classes can take place both on campus, on-site at your organisation as well as third party sites and events such as conferences.
  • Click on PRIVATE/GROUP BOOKINGS to enquire or contact the team on (03) 9996 1257.

About The Instructor


Tiang Cheng is a software engineer, technology strategist, speaker and entrepreneur, having previously worked for iiNet, Netlink Group, Periscope Consulting, Westnet and RateMy Agent. Tiang is currently an instructor at Learn To Code Melbourne and previously facilitated classes in coding for General Assembly.

In early 2014, Tiang joined a small team to build and launch a property startup in three months. Within the first three months of launch, it became Australia’s leading platform for finding real estate agents.

With a formal education in Computer Science, where he wrote an honours thesis on Sensor Technology Use in Aged Care, he gained a variety of experience working in the Managed IT Services field for public and private sector clients, including local government, mining companies, aged care facilities and internet service providers. He has attain further certifications with Cisco and Microsoft, and is a certified Scrum Professional Developer. 

Tiang is an experienced Agile practitioner most recently helping to implement Scrum practices at He has guided the development team as Scrum Master, is passionate about the values and empowerment that Scrum enables within a development team, and believes strongly in “measuring progress through working software”.

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What you will learn
  • How to develop your initial business model and key assumptions
  • How to quickly build cheap but effective prototypes to test your key assumptions
  • How to develop and measure key actionable metrics to gain valuable insights to guide you towards product market fit
What you will get
  • Completed business model
  • Completed value proposition
  • Set of experiments and metrics to test key business model assumptions
  • A virtual prototype
  • A working and live minimum viable product
  • Key metrics to measure and optimise towards helping find product market fit
  • A lean marketing strategy
  • Group feedback and expert insights

What to bring
  • Notebook and pen
  • The right side of your brain
  • Laptop
What to wear

Anything from smart casual to corporate


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