Introduction to Digital Marketing: Content and Social Media Marketing


Learn how to make content and social media work for you. Understand how to understand and track the most important trends and metrics, how to make your brand stand out, and how to create positive ROI. 

Digital marketing veteran and award-winning writer, Andrew Hutchinson, will be running an introduction class on Social Media Marketing and Content marketing. Some of the topics he'll be going over will be:

  • What content marketing really is
  • Understanding the Three Pillars of Content Marketing
  • Understanding Your Audience
  • Planning, Automation, Analytics (ROI)

+ more So whether you're a business owner, have just started your own blog, or just looking to extend your skill-set, this introduction class will be packed full of best practices and quick, actionable tips 

Our Digital Marketing classes have been immensely popular, so make sure you book your spot to avoid missing out on our limited spots. 

Who will be teaching? 

Andrew Hutchinson - Social Media Today

Andrew Hutchinson is a writer/moderator with leading social media news website Social Media Today. He's an internationally published author, an award-winning blogger and an experienced media and communications professional.

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