Afro-Brazilian and Samba

What to Bring

  • Water

What to Wear

  • Stretchy dance gear or comfortable exercise wear.

Afro-Brazilian and Samba

About This Event

What You Will Learn

  • Movement
  • Learn the samba step along with many other vibrant, fast paced, sensual and connected movements.
  • CHoreography

What You Get

  • You will feel uplifted


Afro-Brazilian danceis a synthesis of the African, Portuguese and 

Indigenous cultures in Brazil. Many cultural traditions of Africa have been preserved and expressed in the music and dance. 

Movement in this class is inspired by the season of Carnaval. This parade style expression is based on the movements originated by Afro-Brazilian samba groups. The movement is grounded and lifted; earthy and free. Prepare to dance samba like you never have before. 

What to wear Stretchy dance gear or comfortable exercise wear. Basically you need something that won’t limit your range of motion. For shoes it is best to wear sneakers or dance shoes without heels. You can also dance barefeet even though you will lack a bit of support. Bring extra clothes for after the class and bring some water because you will sweat. 

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Jul 2017
Afro-Brazilian and Samba - 08 Jul 2017 12:30 PM

I learnt about this history and progression of Afro-Brazilian samba, from Maracatu to Rio-style samba no pe. Mariu was an engaging and friendly instructor and a beautiful dancer. I would happily attend another workshop run by Mariu.