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Heels course with Loren Robinson for Tour de dance 2017

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This 4 week High Heels course will be the ultimate way to explore you inner Diva! Loren will take you in only 4 weeks from the studio to the stage learning choreography to commercial tracks  Wild Thoughts by Rihanna, Privacy by Chris Brown and Buttons by Pussy Cat Dolls

This course will include latest dance techniques, expression and how to build your confidence in heels.

What to wear: Feel free to dress it up and wear a fun outfit that makes you feel sexy. Low/no platform heels are best; thicker heels might feel more stable if you’re not used to moving in heels. Heels aren’t compulsory.

Cost: $160  Prepayment essential to secure booking ONLY 8 places available

Course dates :

1. Thursday 7th September 7.30-9pm 

2.Thursday 14th September 7.30-9pm 

3. Thursday 21st September 7.30-9pm 

4. Thursday 28th September 7.30-9pm

Final Dress Rehearsal - Thursday 5th October 7.30 - 8.30pm

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What you will learn
  • Posture
  • Strut
  • Latest sexy commercial dance moves
What you will get
  • Confidence
  • Workout
  • Choreography

What to bring
  • Attitude!
  • Heels
What to wear

Leggings and bring pair of heels that are comfortable


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