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'Ia Huri Te Tau- Cultural Workshop - all levels

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Poemoana, Tahitian Dance Expert| 'Ia Huri Te Tau cultural workshop | 2 .5 hours | All Levels

Ia Huri Te Tau is an ode to "Ori Tahiti' 

Dance has always been part of the life of the mā'ohi people since the dawn of time. Our ancestors were dancers , our parents were dancers and now the new generations keep this tradition alive. "Ori Tahiti " is one of the cultural practices that characterizes us as unique people . Whatever happens in the future we will keep dancing to our ancestral drum beat and beautiful melodies of the ukulele for generations to come. A light hearted and fun cultural concept .

The Program :

There are 3 parts to this workshop:

PART ONE : Understanding the concept through hand movements

PART TWO : Technique drills and foot movements

PART THREE : Learning the 'Ia Huri te Tau " Aparima choreography to original music !

The cultural workshop is all about sensory stimulation so be prepared to bathe in monoi oil and be taught in the Tahitian language. 

Poemoana began dancing at a young age, and now dancing has a very important place in her life:In 2001, she was a student at Moeata Laughlin dance school "Tamariki Poerava" and became co- choreographer of the group "O Tahiti E" in 2008. Voted best dancer of the group in 2009, she then went on to make the podium in the "Ori Tahiti Nui Solo" competition and came in vice-world champion of 'Ori Tahiti in the Aito Vahine section at the Ori Tahiti world Championshipnui in 2015. Today, this 28 year old pre-school teacher lives in the district of Punaauia and still exercises her crucial role in the world famous group "O Tahiti E" and plans to open a dance school and travel the world in the coming years.


2016: • 2016 - Choreographer and presenter for Tahiti Dance Online Season 5• 2016 - coach and member of the dance group 'O Tahiti E' cherographed 'TAHITI ATA ATA NOA' at the HEIVA I TAHITI - HURA TAU Category • February 2016 - choreographed O Tahiti E's 'ORA IPO' Assembly of French Polynesia's 70 year anniversary

2015: • Winner in December 2015 Vice World Champion 'I 'ORI TAHITI - 'ORITAHITI WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP NUI  December 2015 - Laureate ORI TAHITI NUI SOLO COMPETITION -Category 'AITO VAHINE 2015 - coach and member of the dance team of O Tahiti E dance troupe during the HEIVA TAHITI - show ANAPA TE - strength of 230 dancers. 

2014: • August 2014 - coach and member of the dance team dance troupeO Tahiti E show - FETI'A AVEI'A - presented on MARAE Arahurahuin collaboration with the CONSERVATORY of French Polynesia andCENTRE OF BUSINESS and ARTS.

2013: • March 2013 - participation in the course of the CONSERVATORY ofFrench Polynesia for Dance school teachers• 2013 - pupahu dancer of professional dance group TOAKURA winning the HEIVA I TAHITI 

2012: • December 2012 - Winner 'ORI TAHITI NUI SOLO COMPETITION - Category 'AITO ( October 2012 - rehearsal leader for the choreographer Moana'ura TEHEI'URA Pina'ina'i"Echo of mind and body"• July 2012 - Winner of the best torque MERIDIEN contest - Taero JAMET 2012 - coach and member of the dance team dance troupeO Tahiti E HEIVA when I TAHITI - TE TAPUNI show - Winner inHURA category TAU January-August 2012 - coach and member of the dance team performingA TAHITI MAI - presented on the MARAE Arahurahu 

2011:• October 2011 - rehearsal leader for the choreographer Moana'ura TEHEI'URAPINA'INA'I  August 2011 to the present - rehearsal, manager and member of the dance teamthe professional dance O Tahiti E• July 2011 - rehearsal leader for the choreographer Teheiura when MOANA'URAprepared his show with the dance group O Tahiti E - VAKA arioi presented on theMARAE Arahurahu 

2010: • March 2010 - Performance O Tahiti E for the Arts in Le Méridien Tahiti.On a text written by Patrick Amaru TAURA TUPUNA - the ancestral link.

2009: • 2009 - coach and best dancer of the dance group O Tahiti E with their show TE IHO ORA - awarded at HEIVA I TAHITI 

2008: • 2008 to present - solo hula dancer and the professional dance troupe O Tahiti E 

2008 - rehearsal leader for the choreographer Teheiura MOANA'URA for the film'Arioi' by Virginia TETOOFA - (presentation of part of the film HURA Tapairu 2008)• 2008 to 2011 - rehearsal leader for the professional dance troupe O Tahiti E withchoreographer Teheiura MOANAURA and MARGUERITE LAI choreographer of the group.

2007: • 2007 - pupahu dancer with professional dance group TOA REVA at the HEIVA I TAHITI

2005: • 2005 to present - professional dancer for the dance group O Tahiti E

2003: • 2003 - dancer for the dance group TEVA I TAI 

2002: • 2002 - dancer from the winning dance group for thrf amateur category HEIVA I TAHITI• TEVA I TAI2001- 2005• 

2001 to 2005 - student dancer of the dance school of tamariki PoeravaMoeata LAUGHLIN (participation in the GABILOU tour in Tahiti -Moorea - Raiatea - Rarotonga - New - Zealand - New - Caledonia)

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What you will learn
  • The Art of traditional Tahitian dance
What you will get
  • Authentic traditional Tahitian dance training

What to bring
  • Water and hand towel
What to wear

Fitted top and a pareu (sarong) to wear on the bottom (tied on the hips). You will be dancing with barefeet.

Appropriate for

All levels welcome.


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05 March 2018 • POEMOANA ~ Tahitian Dance Expert

As a complete beginner I enjoyed the workshop! It was quite intense but a lot of fun!