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  • IA sultry goddess workshop, a sensual dance of the enchantress, the wild one....

In this workshop we explore an exotic blend of Bellydance, Barefoot Flamenco and Bedouin dances from along the desert spice trails.  

Intoxicating and enchanting, this dance is a beautiful way to explore ones expression of femininity.

Delve into sensuality with beguiling hip movements, flowing body undulations, snake arms and hypnotic goddess poses.


With ancient roots based in tribalistic womens circles of initiation into feminine mysteries we dance with passion.

In this 1.5 hour workshop  we will have brief warm up with an intro about this dance form.

Then moving on to learning the sensual feminine movements that beguile and enchant.

 Coming together we master a passionate choreography richly layered with seductive hips and snakey body movements.

The soundtrack to this workshop is epic and you will want to be here for this event!!

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What you will learn
  • sensual feminine movements that beguile and enchant.
What you will get
  • Choreography

What to bring
  • Water
What to wear

* Trinkets, bare feet and feel free to dress up like a Bedouin Desert Queen * Hip scarf or coin belt (Note - a few coin belts are available to use)

Appropriate for

Everyone welcome


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