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Ori Tahiti know as tahitian dance, is a dance that uses the body as means of expression, with the hands and the face and by moving the hips side to side or in circle.


12:00pm to 1:30pm

'Apa means gesture/movement and Rima means hand(s). This a slow motion tahitian dance telling a story with the hands.

You will learn a choreography of a beautiful song along with the steps and the meaning of each hand movement. You will also get the lyrics and the English translation of the song. Working on the facial expression and the body posture will also be part of this workshop.


1:45pm to 3:15pm

'Ote'a is a fast rhythmic dance performed on percussion music.

You will learn the basics steps, the techniques and a choreography. Throughtout the workshop, you will also learn a bit of history about tahitian dance and its evolution.

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What you will learn
  • Steps, techniques and mueanings Choreography Hand movement and meanings Song translation for the 'aparima workshop facial expression and body posture a bit of tahitian dance history
What you will get
  • Gain more confidence in puerforming tahitian dance Improved posture Improve knowledge and dance techniques Workout fun and challenge

What to bring
  • Smile Sweat towel Water Snack if you do both workshops Notepad & pen (optional) WHAT YOU WILL LEARN
What to wear

Fitted top and a pareu (sarong) to wear on the bottom (tied on the hips). No heavy jewelry. No baggy pants. If you must, bike/spandex shorts or leggings only under your pareu. You will be dancing barefoot.

Appropriate for

Everyone welcome


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23 February 2020 • TAHITIAN with WITH VAIH PATER

Fun and easy to follow instructions. Good cardio exercise.


23 February 2020 • TAHITIAN with WITH VAIH PATER

Great workshop, I enjoyed the routines and learned a lot technically with Vaih!