Filter Brewing Workshop

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The simplest and cheapest way to make a coffee

So you have a coffee maker, a kettle and some beans? Let’s make some coffee! Brewing coffee the good old fashioned way can be quite rewarding and a lot cheaper than an espresso machine set up at home.

This masterclass will cover all aspects of making the most delicious cup of filter coffee at home. 

Take home a pourover kit and coffee beans

To get you started brewing delicious coffee at home, you will take home a pourover kit including:

  • 2 cup Hario V60 brewer
  • 40 pack of bleached paper filters
  • 100 grams of delicious filter roasted coffee beans

Masterclass Synopsis

  • Factors that affect brewing: grind size, water temperature and brew ratios
  • Learn about the different types of filter coffee makers and how they differ from each other
    • Immersion brewing: Aeropress, Plunger
    • Drip brewing: Pour over/Hario V60
  • Brewing coffee using various coffee makers
  • Brewer cleaning and maintenance

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What you will learn
  • Single origin coffee vs Blended coffee
  • Learn about the different types of filter coffee makers and how they differ from each other
  • Brewing coffee using various coffee makers
What you will get
  • Course notes
  • 100 grams of filter roasted coffee to take home
  • Hario V60 filter papers
  • 2 cup Hario V60 brewer
Parking Info

We have off-street parking available in our carpark. Please drive through the gate. You will see an A-frame with our logo on it. 

What to bring
  • Feel free to bring along any manual brewing device you have at home
What to wear

Casual, closed toed shoes


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We are a specialty coffee training school located in Melbourne, Australia and have coffee classes suited to home enthusiasts through to aspiring baristas and business owners. 

In our barista course, you will learn the latest coffee making techniques that are being utilised in the modern day cafe. 

Our barista school is fully equipped with the latest equipment and machinery to ensure a quality training environment.

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Refund & Cancellation Policy

Please see section 2.0 and 3.0 of our terms and conditions

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Terms & Conditions


The following policy relates to the extremely rare case that we do not have sufficient student numbers to run a course.

1.1 Sometimes we (The Espresso School) are unable to run advertised barista courses due to unusually low enrolment numbers. We will advise you the day before and/or on the day of any such cancellation of a barista course via telephone and/or email. You may reschedule to another course date or simply be refunded in full.

1.2 Late comers who are more than 20 minutes late will be denied entry to the class as it is impossible to catch you up on the information presented. Students will be treated as absentees and required to reschedule as per section 4.0 of this document.


Due to the small numbers of students per course:

2.1 You can cancel this order within 24 hours after we have received it - no questions asked. All cancellation requests must be emailed to us via our contact page located at and quote your order/reference number.

2.1.1 If a refund is approved, the refund shall be returned to you via the method used to process the original transaction.

2.1.2 Refunds processed via WeTeachMe will be less any transaction fees incurred by the vendor (The Espresso School).

2.2 Refunds will not be issued for barista courses/events within five (5) days or 120 hours of the scheduled start time. This clause does not affect clause 2.1. 

2.2.1 If you have chosen to complete multiple barista courses, once your first barista course has begun, refunds will not be issued. There is no time limit in which your remaining levels must be completed. We remain committed to delivering the courses you have enrolled in. 


Please ensure you are available on the day and time you have enrolled in. However, should you need to reschedule your course, the following policies apply.

3.1 Rescheduling is defined as changing a course or event date before the scheduled course commencement date and time. 

3.2.0 Barista courses rescheduled within five (5) days or 120 hours of the scheduled start time will attract a $55 rescheduling fee, including bookings made within the 120-hour window. 

3.2.1 The rescheduling fee does not apply if you have booked and paid for the course within 24 hours of the start time. 

3.2.2 The $55 rescheduling fee is payable for each time a reschedule is requested per 3.2.0

3.2.3 To reschedule your class, please fill out the rescheduling form on our website.


The following section relates to students who have failed to attend their booked barista course. Students who arrive 20 minutes past the start schedule time of a course will be denied entry and also considered an absentee.  

4.1 Students who fail to attend their booked barista course, including those denied entry for being late must pay a $75 fee to reschedule a new class date within 1 week (7 days) of the original booked barista course date.

4.2 All rescheduling requests must be sent via the rescheduling form on our website. This allows us to create a clear timeline of events.

4.3 Failure to rebook a new barista course date within 7 days of the original booked barista course date via email will result in forfeiture of the entire course fee. It is your responsibility to rebook a new session within 1 week of the original date.


The following policies relate to Barista Course vouchers and Home Barista vouchers.

5.1 Gift vouchers are valid for a period of twelve (12) months or 1 year from the date of purchase and must be redeemed within this period. Every gift voucher will state its expiry.

5.2 Failure to redeem the voucher before the expiry date will result in forfeiture of the entire gift voucher fee. Extensions will not be granted.

5.3 Gift vouchers are not transferable for money or any other goods/merchandise.

5.4 No refunds on gift vouchers will be given. 

5.5 Gift vouchers are transferable and redeemable by third parties. 

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