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Xanderrated it
28 Mar 2022Virtual Writers Group for Young Writers
My child is one of those who GROAN when given a writing task. However, this class with Melissa elicits an enthusiastic response and progress in writing. In the heat of getting ideas down on paper, paragraphs go out the window while the zoom session is on. However, as this is an indicator of the desire to get ideas down on paper as quickly as possible, and part of the drafting process of writing, I have no problem about this. I'm very happy to have the groans evaporate and the delight become more apparent!
Ruthvenrated it
28 Mar 2022Homeschoolers Virtual Writers Group
I continue to be thrilled that my child is in this class. From writing a very short story with picture the first week to a longer story with picture the second week, to a story that took up the whole page in the third week, the progress with getting ideas out of the head and on to the page is very clear.
Ruthvenrated it
08 Mar 2022Homeschoolers Virtual Writers Group
This was my child's first Virtual Writers' Group, run by the lovely Melissa. I was already aware (through a children's Book Club she runs) that Melissa has a great way with children: giving them time to express their ideas, encouraging them to share, to listen, to take turns, and to go deeper into an idea. My child was not only excited and interested during the class, but managed to produce a "titled" short story with illustration with great enthusiasm by the end. I was delighted that my child was able to get ideas "out of the head and on to the page", as this was the main goal (previously discussed with Melissa). Individual spelling corrections were made together later, after my child shared the story with me and the family. We were able to do that without spoiling the enjoyment that continued beyond the class time. I can see that my child will have a little portfolio of stories to treasure this term and beyond.
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Junior Writers Club
Member since 2021
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Junior Writers Club provides unique creative writing programs for young Australian writers. We provide young writers with the opportunity to explore creative writing and find their own style of writing and their own voice.

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