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A Message from Camerakind:
For everyone's safety, please bring a mask, hand sanitiser and observe proper social distancing. Please note, Krystal is fully vaccinated and will continue to get future boosters where recommended.

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Nathanrated it
25 Jun 2022Individual photography mentoring - CERES
Krystal is a fantastic teacher and truly inspired my daughter to continue her photography journey. The pictures were fantastic, and more importantly, my daughter is now empowered to take charge of learning this craft.
Camerakind 27 Jun 2022

Thanks Nathan for such a lovely review - I'm so glad your daughter enjoyed it, she has a natural eye!

Lisarated it
20 Jun 2022Individual photography mentoring - CERES
I was given a DLSR a few years ago and did not really venture beyond using the automatic settings. This hands on class has given me the confidence to shoot in manual modes. Krystal is personable and easy to understand.
Camerakind 21 Jun 2022

I'm so glad you feel more confident now Lisa! 

Helenarated it
27 Sep 2020
Thank you Krystal for a lovely one on one class in photography. I am a complete beginner at taking photos. You were really patient, I learned a heap of things, and good tips and how to operate my camera.. Armed with all this I am exited about moving forward and hopefully capture the perfect shot! Thank you!
Camerakind 28 Sep 2020

Thank you Helena, I'm so glad you found the lesson useful!

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Member since 2020
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Photography education for everybody

At Camerakind, we deeply believe that, with the right guidance, anyone can learn to take great photographs.

And that’s what we do every day. We empower you by breaking down technical barriers, allowing you to develop your creative eye, gain control of the camera and take better photos. Whether photography is a hobby or a skill needed in your job, our tailored workshops and individual lessons will help you reach your photography goals. We are based in Melbourne, Australia, but our online learning options mean we can work with you, wherever you are.

Krystal Seigerman, Camerakind founder, has been a professional photographer for over 15 years. She also loves sharing her knowledge and has eight years of experience teaching photography at tertiary and community institutions such as RMIT University, La Trobe University, Melbourne Polytechnic and CAE. As an educator, Krystal is recognised for her friendly, accessible and engaging teaching approach. She is skilled at breaking down complex information, removing barriers and inspiring others to develop their technical and creative skills. 

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No changes will be allowed after these times.

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