Character Design and Layout Workshop

Next Available: Sat, 10 Feb 6:00PM
3.5 hours


In this workshop for adults, you will learn the practical approach in designing and creating successful and memorable character for either picture book, illustration, animation and comics. Bring your character to life through the in-depth exploration of personality, form, function and style.  Expressions, action poses and character turnaround are also covered in this workshop.  

The workshop is suitable for students with all levels of skills, even beginners, as well as students who would like to further develop their character design skill.

Workshop presented by Tull Suwannakit, an award winning children’s book author and illustrator, whose books have been published in Australia,Thailand and The US, as well as being translated in more than 6 languages worldwide.

Visit www.TullSuwannakit.net to see some of Tull's published books and illustrations.

Or visit www.MalvernSchoolofArt.com.au to learn more about the school.

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Class Schedule

Duration 3.5 hours

What you will learn
  • Create successful and memorable character through the development of function, style and personality
  • Conceptualise, develop and design your character for picture book, illustration, animation and comics
  • Bring your character to life through the in-depth exploration of expressions, action poses and character turnaround.
What you will get
  • All materials are inclusive with the workshop
  • Light refreshments
  • Your very own character design portfolio

What to bring
  • All materials are included with the workshop
What to wear


Appropriate for



Malvern School of Art

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Malvern School of Art offers visual art programs that are fun and engaging, as well as providing a balanced blend of critical thinking,analytical, and communicative skills with fundamental art techniques. We base our teaching on the individual development and skills of each student, fostering imagination, creativity, and literacy through the exploration of drawing, painting and sculpture. Students translate and implement the given topics via their own creative interpretation using freedom of experimentation through a vast range of art mediums,open-ended discussion and group collaboration. This results in new discoveries of a transformative art approach, immersing students in a creative and engaging visual art learning experience. Through the acquisition of artistic skills, students become confident and empowered tofind creative solutions and to discover their own unique artistic styles.

Malvern School of Art is operated and facilitated by Tull Suwannakit, an award winning children's book author and illustrator

Visit www.MalvernSchoolofArt.com.au to learn more about our school.

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11 September 2017 • Character Design and Layout Workshop

A fantastic workshop, the teacher, and the setting! You will get great easy-to-understand tips on character creation process, will apply that right on the spot, and will get support and guidance from Tull. Highly recommended!


23 August 2017 • Character Design and Layout Workshop

The Character Design Workshop was a great evening of fun and learning.The process was fascinating and repeatable once you get home. I can recommend it to anyone with even the most basic drawing skills as Tull your tutor is incredibly good at tuning into what you need a hand with to get you to the point where you are happy with your little character. PS. I love your School of Art, it's such a bright and inviting and fun environment, makes you feel like you're ten again, but with grown up cups of tea and biscuits. Cheers Sandy.


29 June 2017 • Character Design and Layout Workshop

I really enjoyed the character design and layout workshop , it was well planned out , a very cosy atmosphere , all your art supplies are there for you , food and refreshments ,Tull is a great teacher , very friendly and helpful , always there for you for any inquiries you may have. It is a great workshop for anyone who wants to know how to develop a character from an idea you may have or just from anything you lay your eyes on , animals , person, insect,monster etc..you will learn how to manipulate a basic sketch into something that has personality and character. A great course for beginners , artists, or anyone who has always wanted to know what goes on behind the children book scene. I found this course to be helpful in my approach to drawing , by getting the best possible version of my character/monster ideas. James

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