A traditional Ethiopian  coffee ceremony is an important social ritual. This workshop will be performed by Genet and Bella both very knowledgeable in Ethiopian     

 culture.Duration is 2 hours.

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What you will learn
  • Get to know why Mama Africa is so passionate about what we do
  • Learn about the rich history of the birth place of coffee,Abyssinia now Ethiopia
  • Learn and observe how the raw coffee is roasted and brewed and the accompanying snack that go with it
What you will get
  • You get to enjoy 3 cups of fresh hot coffee
  • You get to socialise with your community
  • You get to learn about the tools you need to D.I.Y
  • It is fun to enjoy other people's cultural cuisine because you get a feel of the. Country without ever going there
  • You can purchase Ethiopian coffee to take home with you
  • You get to learn Ethiopian coffee sayings in Amharic
  • You get to hear the story of the 'Heaven sent berries'.

What to bring
  • Yourself,friends and family recommended
What to wear

Whatever makes you happy

Appropriate for



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