DIY Build professional website for small business


Tailored for individuals, professionals, SME businesses and companies that are interested in learning how to build and maintain their own website using WordPress CMS platform.

Web development and maintenance without any coding. We will teach you our secrets and what we do for our clients.

This course is for

  1. Web enthusiasts wanting to learn how to setup a website and earn extra income by hustling on the side.
  2. Small business owners wanting to re-do their website
  3. Business owners or managers who need to create a webpage with a limited budget.
  4. Everyone who want to learn the basics of web design and the importance of online presence – bloggers etc

What you will learn

  • How to register your domain name
  • Where to purchase your website hosting
  • Install WordPress on your hosting
  • Choose and install a professional theme
  • WordPress settings
  • Installing SEO plugin
  • Add pages and menus for your website
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Class Schedule

This class start from 6-10pm. Limited to 6 students.

What you will learn
  • Hosting
  • Build professional website
  • Content management
What you will get
  • Confident in website design
  • Industry insights
  • Build website and maintenance

What to bring
  • Laptop
  • Notepad
What to wear


Appropriate for

Anyone who want to learn the trade


Neptune Design

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With a combined power of 10 years’ experience in graphic and web design, 3D graphic and motion graphics, our team are dedicated to giving you high-quality results at affordable prices. Help our local small businesses thrive in the online space.

About Nep Thach

Nep has worked with two web design and online marketing agency in Nelson NZL and Melbourne as a lead website designer and graphic designer. He's also Jim's web manager, designer and online guru for Jim's Group headquarter in Mooroolbark for over 3 years.

Our Web Design and Online Marketing Workshop

Join one of our workshops and meet new people who are looking for SEO training and workshop in Melbourne to increase their knowledge and insights for their business website. For all you DIY business owners we will look into building your first WordPress website.

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