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We live to have organisations that are increasing their staff productivity beyond expectations through their use of Performia tools and resources to recruit, train, manage and promote / restructure team members.



Answered on the day


The presentation was great. The presenter was good. The audience was a rough 50/50 mix of clients and job seekers which I thought was interesting. I now better understand the concept - Performia being the organisation which helps business and Exelect being the organisation which manages the screening process. From a client perspective I felt the objective was understood as conversation and engagement is given. From a job seeker perspective - from my own experience - it feels a bit dubious and secretive. The reason I feel is the fact that the approach which is taken is not understood hence one could wonder if there is a real job behind the add. I like the idea of mission hiring - a message concept however which you need to link to Exelect and convey to those who you are trying to attract. Otherwise I sense that you are not capturing the attention of your desired audience. As part of the event - I would have liked to see a couple of Q&A slots in the course of the 4 hour session to add dynamics especially given the mix of the audience. Thinking of the start, I don't think Gareth actually introduced himself which I might have missed ?! Also, given Negar the CEO was present - a welcome and intro at the beginning and a wrap up and thanks at the end would have rounded off the event and given it a certain weighting. On a culinary note, if I may add. Given the early start of the event, I would have liked to see coffee/tea available before the start, but that is just a personal preference. Overall I enjoyed the event and was glad I went along to understand the concept. THANK YOU for sharing !

Networking and very good topic