Mission Hiring Seminar. The Disruptive Formula for Business Growth

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Performia is a HR Strategy organisation that shows the pathway for the founders of a business to take off to the next level or even recover the business from potential failure in an affordable way. The strategies are powered by a globally proven system implemented in over 7000 companies and more than 2.1 million evaluations completed internationally in over 29 countries and 40 languages. Mission Hiring uses highly developed systems of Performia to allow a business to take off to the next level of growth, profit and expansion.

For the Entrepreneur, Founder and Business Owner:

  • Do you have a vision but don't quite know how to get there?
  • Business is insolvent/ losing money?
  • Have other passions you want to focus on? 
  • Reached the limits & ready to accelerate growth?
  • Tired of running the day to day?
  • Crushing your personal life?
  • Competition is crushing you?

Whatever your situation and challenge is, this 3 hour workshop will show you the pathway to take your business to a whole new level of growth and efficiency. Wouldn't you prefer to be working on the business rather than in the business?

For General Managers, CEO's and Aspiring Executives:

  • Are you someone who is motivated by challenges?
  • Do you have the drive and passion to make a difference?
  • Do you agree that great rewards should come when you achieve great results?

The Mission Hiring Seminar will provide the tools and a new strategy for Executives to prepare themselves to take the helm of a small business and achieve the satisfaction of success while sharing the rewards.

  • Know the type of companies and jobs that would interest you and suit you.
  • Show you how to lock in a ​remuneration ​package that works for you and the company and ensure you don't leave after several y​ears with no rewards.
  • Know how to increase results and take over the reins especially when working closely with a business owner.

Attendees included ​CEO's from $20M business, GM's from multi national companies and aspiring Professional General Managers. 

"Enjoyed the perspective of how this is presented to business owners. Allowed me to see their side."

"Thank you for the invitation and enlightening seminar​."

"I enjoyed the presentation and found Gareth a pleasant and well informed speaker, and took a great deal away on how to present as a candidate and conversely in my next role present a position for a prospective candidate and how I would need to let go of the reins for future specialists in the business. I also found your approach to remuneration a different view to the norm, but it fits with my belief​, and how to set be benchmarks​ with clearly defined and documented measures."

"Thanks for the opportunity to attend yesterday's seminar. I came away with some great ideas and enjoyed it as well!!"

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What you will learn
  • Information and tools that will allow the individual to increase their results
  • New strategy for going to the next level of business growth
  • Tools to apply to your business or Executive career.
What you will get
  • Understanding of the Entrepreneur mindset and what it takes to succeed.
  • Practical tools to ensure a mutually successful relationship between an Executive and Entrepreneur.
  • Strategies that build high performing, safe and manageable teams.

What to bring
  • Just yourself - notepads, pens etc will be provided
What to wear

Business casual

Appropriate for

Business Owners. Executives. Divisional Manager. Mid to Executive Level Candidates.


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We live to have organisations that are increasing their staff productivity beyond expectations through their use of Performia tools and resources to recruit, train, manage and promote / restructure team members.

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21 August 2017 • Mission Hiring Seminar. The Disruptive Formula for...

Answered on the day


14 August 2017 • Mission Hiring Seminar. The Disruptive Formula for...

The presentation was great. The presenter was good. The audience was a rough 50/50 mix of clients and job seekers which I thought was interesting. I now better understand the concept - Performia being the organisation which helps business and Exelect being the organisation which manages the screening process. From a client perspective I felt the objective was understood as conversation and engagement is given. From a job seeker perspective - from my own experience - it feels a bit dubious and secretive. The reason I feel is the fact that the approach which is taken is not understood hence one could wonder if there is a real job behind the add. I like the idea of mission hiring - a message concept however which you need to link to Exelect and convey to those who you are trying to attract. Otherwise I sense that you are not capturing the attention of your desired audience. As part of the event - I would have liked to see a couple of Q&A slots in the course of the 4 hour session to add dynamics especially given the mix of the audience. Thinking of the start, I don't think Gareth actually introduced himself which I might have missed ?! Also, given Negar the CEO was present - a welcome and intro at the beginning and a wrap up and thanks at the end would have rounded off the event and given it a certain weighting. On a culinary note, if I may add. Given the early start of the event, I would have liked to see coffee/tea available before the start, but that is just a personal preference. Overall I enjoyed the event and was glad I went along to understand the concept. THANK YOU for sharing !


13 August 2017 • Mission Hiring Seminar. The Disruptive Formula for...

Networking and very good topic