The advanced class builds on from the basic which provides an introduction to drones and some of the applications in farming.  Here we get more into the nitty gritty of how to use drones for adding value to your business.  Whether you use contractors for aerial imagery and remote sensing or you are looking to get your own drone (or get more out of your own drone) - this class will give you the skills you need.  Topics cover:

  • The basics of drone operation
  • The regulations and drone selection
  • The basics of farming operations - monitoring stock, crops and infrastructure
  • Basic flying techniques (you will fly different sub-2kg drones).
  • Applications that use drone data for plant health and drainage
  • Setting up flight missions and getting the best out the of the data
  • Costs, benefits and where the technology is heading

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Class Schedule

Duration: 3 Hours

What you will learn
  • Content includes all aspects of safely planning and flying drone missions, as well as the legal and safety responsibilities of drone operators.
  • The uses of drones for farming applications including drone selection
  • How to turn drone information into intelligence that actually supports decision making
What you will get
  • Detailed class notes
  • Plain language instruction on how to safely fly a drone
  • Planning flights and set up recurring missions for checking stock, crops and troughs etc.
  • Experience with cloud based applications that process drone data for agricultural applications

What to bring
  • A tablet, laptop or notepad
  • Your own drone for any specific advice
What to wear

Casual clothes

Appropriate for

Suitable for beginning drone users



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