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Fashion Design Portfolio - CWA Rooms, COOLAMON

Fashion Design Portfolio - CWA Rooms, COOLAMON

Trend Forecast & Creative Design Development


The Fashion Design Portfolio workshop is cross-disciplined and focuses on the process involved in the forecasting trends, development of design ideas, technical detail and ultimately, fashion product.  This is a 1 day workshop with a small amount of prepartion that is suitable for students of all skill levels.   There is a maximum 6 students per workshop, so every students gets loads of teachers time. 

Trend Boards -  The morning session of the workshop will focus on pulling together the research and creative material needed to develop new fashion ideas.  This includes original-source, industry level forecast materials to determine the colour, fabric & style aspects of the new season.  Students will learn to how use Visual Diaries to record inspiration seasonal trends and technical detail.  Learning to use this creative material, each student will produce new and exciting design ideas for their portfolio.

In the afternoon session we all move onto the Design Development process that allows your individual creativity to evolve into original design ideas.  A vital element in fashion, creative design is what distinguishes the work of the individual and gives a brand it's identity.  Based on Anita's extensive industry experience students will be able to focus on developing their own individual signature in design.

The afternoon session is dedicated to the technical design detail necessary to get your garments into production.  Students will produce industry relevant production sketches of their designs in preparation for briefing pattern and sample makers.  By the end of the day all students will have produced two (portfolio ready) Trend Boards incorporating trend forecast and their own design work.  Plus a Design Development sheet full of new and exciting fashion ideas. 

This workshop is one of four sequential fashion design workshops I'm running in the school holidays.  If you book all four of these workshops, via this link, you can get a 15% discount on the single workshop fee.  Fashion Design Introductory - 4 Days

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What you will learn

  • How to pull together the research and creative material needed to develop new fashion ideas.
  • How to develop a good Visual Diary habits to record inspiration seasonal trends and technical detail.
  • How to use this creative material to produce new and exciting design ideas for your portfolio.

What you will get

  • Increased confidence in your understanding of the Design Process and the steps involved in the development of creative ideas.
  • Insight in the operations and supply chains in the fashion industry.
  • All materials and equipment for this workshop are provided at the studio.
  • Access to industry resources for forecasting trends, selecting new season colour and developing creative design.
  • A detailed workbook to take home that covers all the instructions and demonstrations from the day.
  • A comprehensive materials and suppliers listing featuring Anita's favourite sources.

What to bring

  • Your enthusiasm!
  • All materials and equipment are provided by studio faro for the workshop. Please feel free to bring your favourite visual diary or inspiration.
  • The completed homework preparation for your Trend Board and design inspiration.

What to wear

Please wear shoes that cover and protect your feet. It's a workshop environment and we're keen to keep your toes safe. :)

Appropriate for

Introductory level - suitable for students of all skill levels.

Studio Faro

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Studio Faro is a commercial and educational outfit, run by Anita McAdam, that specialises in fashion design and pattern making.

These workshops are a reflection of Anita's background and the demands of the fashion industry workroom. 

'By running these workshops I hope to share my love of design and pattern making.  Years of teaching and commercial practice have gifted me with a wealth of knowledge.  Come get some!

Check out the blog (well-suited) on the website for more design and pattern madness. :)

All workshops are available for private booking and perfect for a minimum of 6 students; so get your friends together and email me to schedule your private workshop.  Anita :) enquiries@studiofaro.com

Now that I'm located in Coolamon you'll find my workshops and incursions are available in Sydney, Canberra, and the Riverina Area.  Checkout the website for the latest news. 

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5.0 (2 reviews)
Fleurrated it
09 Jul 2020
How fortunate are we to have someone of Anita experience in the Riverina. Anita was very generous in sharing her extensive knowledge in a friendly and practical way. She outlined practical ways of taking those ideas in your head and getting them onto the page in a coherent way, I know have a a greater understanding of the Design Process and how to develop new creative ideas. I really enjoyed gaining an insight into the development process and supply chains in the fashion industry. A truly inspiring day.
Suerated it
15 Jan 2017
A fantastic class in which I leaned how to make a fashion trend board and design clothing using my handwoven fabric. Anita is an enthusiastic, knowledgeable and generous teacher - an expert in the field of pattern design and fashion. I have completed two of her classes and intend to enrol in others in the future. Excellent value. Recommended for designers and design students or for individuals who wish to create their own unique designs.

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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions


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Who can book?

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What do I Bring?

All materials and equipment required for the class are listed in the class description on the website.

Occupational Health & Safety

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