Pitching for Money: Insights from SquarePeg Capital

Pitching for Money: Insights from SquarePeg Capital

About This Event

What You Will Learn

  • What we look for in entrepreneurs
  • The nature of early-stage businesses
  • Our views on how to approach VC's for fundraising


For more information on Square Peg Capital, please visit squarepegcap.com

Speaker Bio

  • Ben Hensman is a Melbourne-based member of the global Square Peg Capital team. He is passionate about software platforms and technology businesses. Prior to joining Square Peg, Ben was an Investment Analyst at Fidelity International in Sydney, covering investments in the telecommunications, media, software & technology sectors across A&NZ, including Australian software businesses Aconex and WiseTech Global. Square Peg backs outstanding entrepreneurs solving significant problems in a differentiated way through technology or online-enabled business models, focusing on Australia & New Zealand, South-East Asia and Israel.
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