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Fireside Chat with David Carlick

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Building a startup is tough, and it's a rare opportunity to be able to talk to someone with long-term success working with startup companies. .

But to call David Carlick’s career in tech successful is an understatement. Among many, many other roles, David was previously the Chairman of Intermix Media (parent company of Myspace pre-2005), a founding director of International Network Services (IPO, then acquired for $3.5 Billion by Lucent) and was a director of Ask Jeeves (sold for $2bil) in the early 2000s.

When he was 28, he started what went on to become a top Silicon Valley advertising agency, and was able to work with a number of startup companies that were integral to the start of the Personal Computer, networking and the Internet, graphics and workstations, semiconductors and systems. His agency was acquired by a global ad network, Bozell (since acquired by IPG) where David was an Executive Vice President leading their transition into the digital world. There,he was an early co-founder of DoubleClick, which was spun out and went public in 1998 before being sold to Google in 2008.

In the world of venture capital, David has experience at VantagePoint Ventures and at Rho Ventures, and has invested in companies like ReachLocal (IPO, then acquired by Gannett), Zvents (acquired by eBay), and XGraph (acquired by Oracle).

Today, his roles include responsibilities as a Venture Partner and Chairman of Adventure Capital, as well as being a Director of PayActiv.

Join us for an intimate Fireside Chat that will cover David's career, where the audience will have the opportunity to ask questions related to his experiences working with numerous founders in the tech world.

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York Butter Factory

Vendor since 2012

The York Butter Factory is the co-working space for Melbourne’s high-potential early-stage technology entrepreneurs.

Established in 2011 inside an 1850s heritage-listed space, York Butter Factory is home to upstarts with bold, global ambitions and clear intentions to change the world.

Named after the original 1855 building, the York Butter Factory is situated on King Street at the base of the Rialto. This brilliant bluestone warehouse is the ultimate juxtaposition of old and new, building tech startups out of one Melbourne’s oldest structures. The 577sqm space is across two floors and has an open plan coworking space, informal collaborative area, meeting rooms, an industrial fridge and room for up to 60 entrepreneurs.

Opening its doors in October 2011, it has established itself at the center of a rapidly growing startup ecosystem in Melbourne. York Butter Factory was co-founded by the partners of Adventure Capital, who run their VC fund out of the space.

YBF already hosts nearly 50 startups largely in the Consumer Internet space. Opportunities to access funding is through its owners’ tech-focused VC fund as well as seed funding provided directly to deserving startups and via the Aurelius Digital angel investment network. There is a culture of collaboration, resource sharing and tough love. Tenants are curated with a view to fill the space with high-potential digital media and web 2.0 startups with a global ambition.

The vision is to become the central hub of the Australian tech startup ecosystem.

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