Pottery Classes for Adults

Pottery Classes for Adults

Over 10 people have attended this class
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There are numerous clays to choose from for both hand and wheel work.

Everyone is encouraged to make what they what to make, and in so doing will try the different types of clays, glazes &  techniques.

There is a never ending world in clay, and even though it is a small studio, the choices are abundant.

There is an extensive range of glazes: The normal 'brush on' glazes, as well as underglazes & onglazes which are particularly good for Majolica type decorating - designed for those that enjoy the painting side of ceramics more, and use the clay as a canvas.

There are 2 pottery wheels in the studio. If you have never worked on the wheel before, a private lesson needs to be booked first. One can then continue wheel work during the regular classes. 

Pottery is a form of Art suitable for All.

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What you will learn
  • Different types of clay available, as well as the different techniques that are out there.
  • Pottery brings out the artist in us all, you will develop your own style and take home pieces you will be proud of!
  • Designed for those that enjoy the painting side of ceramics more, and use the clay as a canvas.
What you will get
  • ALL Materials and firings inclusive.

What to bring
  • Your interest to learn!
What to wear

Casual (Warning: It might get messy)

Appropriate for

Adults interest to learn ceramics / pottery


Art 4 All

Vendor since 2015

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www.art4all.net.au or 

Google: potterypennyandglass

Born in South Africa, I have now been living in Australia for over 23 years.

The first time I touched clay would've been when I was about 10 years old and went for lessons with my mum. At 12 I wanted to learn the wheel so then joined a different studio. After leaving school I studied art for a few years. I then went on to become a professional photographer where I ran my own photographic portrait studio for more than 13 years.

Soon after Immigrating, I had 2 children and was a full time mum. Once they were both at Kinder/School, it was not too hard for me to decide what to do next... My mother had been a potter and glass artist for many years and there was almost a complete pottery studio which was just waiting for me to take over. Our garage at home (both in South Africa then Australia) had been turned into a studio where I was always welcome and happy. And have indeed been very happy teaching in that studio for over 13 years now.

Having incorporated glass with ceramics in the past, it now seemed like a good time and natural transition to start glass fusing and slumping classes..

I consider myself incredibly fortunate to do what I do. It is my passion. It is my job. And I love going to work!!!

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Refund & Cancellation Policy

Deposits are non refundable.

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Terms & Conditions

  1. Full payment or a deposit is required to secure your place. 
  2. Deposits are non refundable, but if you’re unable to attend you can gift it to someone else. 
  3. Places may potentially not be held without deposits.
  4. Work done at home shall incur firing costs.
  5. Students who are not continuing and have 'left-over' work which needs firing, need to pay firing costs. 
  6. Make-up classes can only be done if 24 hours notice is given & depending on space availability.
  7. No more than 2 make-ups p/person p/term.
  8. No credits carried through to the following term.
  9. Students are liable for breakages, spillages or any damage that may occur to equipment - particularly electrical.
  10. All terms & conditions are subject to change without notice.
  11. We reserve the right to sell or dispose of any pieces that have been left in the studio for over 6 months.
  12. As in any studio, there can be elements of surprise, both good and not so good. Every care and precaution is taken, but things can and do happen with kiln work. Expect the unexpected, it can often be better.

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