The Best Classes to Take in Springtime

Spring has sprung, you guys.

Creativity 4 min read Mar 28, 2021
The Best Classes to Take in Springtime

Spring has sprung, the flowers have bloomed - and we can’t help smelling the sweet scent of possibilities in the air. Springtime is the perfect time for revisiting your resolutions - or even make some new ones. Vowed to eat healthier? Resolved to kickstart a new hobby? We’ve put together some great ideas to help you refresh and respark with these spring-inspired classes and workshops across each city.


Wild Bouquet Making Workshop at Flos Botanical Studio

Wild flowers come early in spring time, and their sheer range of color, tone and shapes is most appealing to flower lovers. Learn the basics of flower arranging in this class to create a beautiful and textured arrangement using freshly foraged flowers from a nearby garden. The skills you gain can be used to create a variety of rustic, boho, or laid-back arrangements that can be displayed as centrepieces at home or for events.

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Where: Flos Botanical Studio
When: Sept 21st, Oct 5th & 19th
Cost: $90

Healthy and Wholesome Salads at Trupp Cooking School

Doesn’t the dish below look absolutely delicious? Well that’s because it is! Whilst they have become increasingly popular nowadays, diets with “uncooked” and “organic” ingredients aren’t just a fad; they simply promote eating more of real foods in their natural state. In this class, Walter of Trupp Cooking School talks about the importance of sourcing organic vegetables in your diet, as well as a number of ways to prepare wholesome dishes, and make them taste incredible too!

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Where: Trupp Cooking School
When: Oct 19th
Cost: $139


Start a Visual Journal: Watercolour & Inks with Classbunny

Visual journaling has a long history in art and psychology, and has been used in a number of ways as a means of reducing stress and anxiety. Dealing with mid-year anxiety? Paint your way into a more mindful life by joining this 2-hour workshop, where you will learn how to express your self using watercolours, pens, inks and pencils. You will understand the various concepts of visual journaling and most important, experience the benefits of this relatively simple practice, too.

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Where: The Ron Williams Centre
When: October 16th
Cost: $60

Sweet Vegan at Hands on Chocolate

Vegan chocolate treats are what sweet dreams are made of - truly. Because not only are they delicious and face-dive worthy, but they’re also rich in antioxidants and free of refined sugars! Spend two hours with Hands on Chocolate learning about what makes vegan chocolate, as well as creating and indulging in sublime chocolate that will scintillate your senses!

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Where: Hands on Chocolate
When: Oct 14th
Cost: $59


Modern Thai Fusion Cooking Class with Vanilla Zulu Culinary Adventures

Did you resolve to be more adventurous with your food? Then Thai cuisine is the best place to start! This class is a sure-fire culinary adventure, what with the exciting spicy aromas and flavours to savour in every dish. But did you know that Thai food is one of the healthiest cuisines you can eat? Learn about the key elements to this exciting fusion cuisine and also prepare a delectable three to four course Thai feast!

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Where: Wilston, QLD
When: Sept 21st, Oct 26th, Nov 9th & 25th
Cost: $135

Around The World Cooking Class with Vanilla Zulu Culinary Adventures

A great way to get cultured and be more worldly without ever stepping out of the country is by signing up for a cooking class. Up for a delicious global experience? This class will teach you to prepare delicious local meals from various countries, as well as learn about the art of presentation, or as Chef Mel of Vanilla Zulu likes to call it, “blinging up” your plate, before enjoying a full evening meal.

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Where: Shop 5
When: Sep 15th and 30th
Cost: $135


Make Your Own Wholefood Dessert at Work-Shop

Cook and eat your way to your best and healthiest (without much sacrifice!) by learning and exploring wholesome dessert making! Find out what makes a healthy dessert and learn to make it too in this 2-hour workshop with Shanti Wilby of From the Wild. What will you make and partake? Your own nut milk, chia pudding, and a crunchy paleo granola. Yum!

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Where: WOTSO Workspace
When: Oct 10th
Cost: $75

Zumba Fitness with Nat & De

Transition into spring with a new fitness routine to go along with your new healthy diet. Zumba is one the best programs there is to ease into a healthier lifestyle because it’s easy to do and extremely effective! In a single-hour session, you will experience a high-calorie burning workout so fun that you’ll soon find yourself coming back for more!

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Where: AVV Dance Studio
When: Sept 16th, 23rd, 30th
Cost: $90 (10-class pass), $50 (5-class pass), $12 (Casual class)


Hat Making Workshop Intensive Millinery with Julie Fleming

Toss off your winter felts - it’s time to don spring hats this season! Hats bloom like flowers come spring time, and if you’ve been keen to make a lovely hat, Julie Fleming will teach intensively on the art of fancy hat making over the course of five days. At the end of the class, you will have made a gorgeous statement headpiece to wear or to add to your portfolio.

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Where: Jam Factory
When: Sept 21st (for 5 days from Monday to Friday)
Cost: $550

Haloumi Cheese Making Course with The Cheese Maker

One of the best things we love about spring are the cheeses. Just like anything else in nature, cheeses also have a seasonality, and many are at peak flavour come spring time! Haloumi can be found in many stores come this season, and you’ll find that it goes so perfectly well with many light spring fruits and veggies. Find out what makes this cheese so delectable and learn how you can fix yourself your own home made haloumi that you can use for a variety of dishes in this afternoon class with The Cheese Maker.

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Where: Lamont’s Swan Valley
When: Oct 14th
Cost: $197