Graham Hay’s Real Passion for Paper Clay

It’s more than just play-doh for us grown-ups

Creativity 4 min read Sep 25, 2019

What kid didn’t spend hours playing with clay and creating 3d figures and characters? But Graham Hay took his childhood hobby to a whole new level and turned it into his life’s vocation.

So what is paper clay, anyway?

Paper clay is no kid’s Play-Doh. Not to be confused either with papier-mache (which is made of paper and glue), Graham’s medium of choice is made by adding processed cellulose fiber to any regular clay. The fiber, the most common being paper pulp, is what gives it extra strength whilst still maintaining its light weight and versatility, making it the perfect material for creating sculptures of any size.

Graham was introduced to paper clay by ceramic chemist Jaromir (Mike) Kusnik and since then, has won awards and been featured in more than 130 exhibitions here and overseas. He has given hundreds of demonstrations and workshops, including his weekly pottery and sculpture class, which he has taught for almost 20 years now.

Your affair with paper clay starts here

In this workshop, students will learn how to take an idea and develop it into their first paper clay masterpiece. Each participant gets full access to the studio tools and equipment, plus a 10 kg bag of soft clay, to play with to their heart’s content. The small class size allows everyone to get some one-on-one time with Graham, as needed.

Curious about paperclay yet? Here’s a fantastic treat from Graham himself, to whet your appetite for the craft.

Your affair with paper clay starts here
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