Halloween Embroidery for the Millennial Maker

Who says you can’t stitch and spook at the same time? Witch, please.

Creativity 3 min read Sep 22, 2020
Halloween Embroidery for the Millennial Maker

This is absolutely the best hand-crafted thing you’ll see today.

Expecto patronum is right! Halloween is nigh (our secret favourite holiday, we’ve always said), and fab ideas for party costumes, ghoulish decor, and movie creepfests abound. From the whimsical to the macabre, the familiar to the profane, plus the occasional unicorn, will the strangest time of the year leave nothing sacred?

Scary things pervade even our own social feed, where we find the #crossstitchersofinstagram trying to outdo each other, hand-stitching craft after hair-raising craft. And it’s BEAUTIFUL.

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We have a finish and an FFO! I didn’t put the stars on because I’ve never really liked them and there a few ‘personalizations’ but my daughter loves it. The skeletons and the ghosts glow in the dark. I like the frame but I’m not 100% on the proportions and may reframe it so that the stitching sits more in the middle rather than allowing the pattern on the fabric to govern the framing....but I’ll live with it for now, I’m always like this seeing a piece in the frame for the first time. #tinymodernist #tinymodernistsal #dmc #dmcthreads #darkoctoberstitching #darkoctoyber2019 #etsy #MommaLovesYouGB #crossstitch #crossstitchersofinstagram #crossstitchuk #xstitcher #xstitchuk #stitchmaynia #crossstiching #projectbags #needleminder #evenweave #crossstitchfabric #aida #crossstitchpattern #crossstitchingkeepsmesane #crossstitchitsfun #britishstitchers #crossstitchlovers #crossstitchlove #fabricflair

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See, projects like these, apparently hot among Millennial makers, are how cross-stitching came to be known as the most subversive of crafts. Not that we’re complaining! In fact, even if you’re not superstitious (maybe just a little stitious?), the power of Bitchcraft compels you to make time, so you can join Kate and Katie for an afternoon of stitchin’ and witchin’ this November!

We started Bitchcraft as two busy gals who found it hard to make time for ourselves and be zen. Dabbling as a kid, but sitting in Katie’s lounge room as adults drinking wine? I was hooked.

“It was a thing. It was our thing and we wanted to share it with others, “ Kate explains. “We’ve run a few classes now and there is so much feedback about how fun and easy it is to pick up (because we share ALL our experience and tips) and we are getting sent lots of DMs of finished projects and new ones that our little bitchcrafters have taken on, with their new-found skills!”

Well, that’s usually how it starts, isn’t it, once the spirit decides to move you. Care to join this growing coven of cross-stitchers? Here are the deets:

Bitchcraft Cross Stitch Sunday

Where: Noisy Ritual, 249 Lygon St, Brunswick East VIC 3057
When: Sunday, 03 November, 1:00-3:30PM (2.5 hours)
Price: $85
Book Here!

If a day of darning sounds like your jam, also check out what’s on in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. There’s an embroidery or sewing class somewhere near you!