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Creativity is a joyful experience of the mind and body. Candu is all about having a creative experience making jewellery, homewares and art pieces, using our moulds or designing your own.

Learn resin art, polymer clay jewellery, resin jewellery, resin homewares, mouldmaking and more at our workshops in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Candu workshops are perfect for individuals, or a group of friends. We give you the knowledge, materials and confidence to create your own masterpieces, uniquely designed by you! Our resin has been used by customers for years in resin jewellery making workshops, which began in Melbourne in 2006.

Our workshops allow you to learn new skills in a relaxed and fun environment where we encourage you to explore materials and techniques with the guidance of our knowledgable teachers. You have unlimited potential to unlock your inner creative being!



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12 March 2018 ā€¢ Polymer Clay Jewellery Workshop - Melbourne

This workshop was nice- as I did it with my daughter and it was great to do something with her. As a whole though I was disappointed. I was hoping that we would learn something, Barnes being THE shop where you can buy synthetic materials to mold and sculpt with. It started with the information that polymer clay lasts only a month, and after me asking if there was another polymer clay that lasts longer then the sculpey we worked with ( or a material that you could make jewellery with that lasted longer) - the leader didn't know. There was a lot she didn't know, and as I came to learn it felt kind of pointless. I just stopped asking questions, as I felt it became embarrassing. If you have no prior knowledge of clay etc, it is fun to do- especially if you are happy to stick to making round beads, and play with colours. The lady leading was nice. There were a lot of colours, and a few tools (of low quality), and there was some extra stuff to colour and glitter with.


12 March 2018 ā€¢ Resin Jewellery Workshop - Brisbane

Thanks Kym, the class was heaps of fun, so easy and the end product looked amazing! I'm a resin convert.


12 March 2018 ā€¢ Resin Jewellery Workshop - Brisbane

Iā€™m a bit in love with making resin jewellery after this workshop! Kym was so helpful and made it all really simple. I had so much fun and got so many great ideas. I would highly recommend this workshop. Thanks Candu

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