Advanced Barista Course
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Advanced Barista Course

Learn the science and technical skills.

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2 hours
Group Size: 2 - 4
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Third wave coffee techniques for professional baristas

This barista course delves deeply in to the practical skills and tasting ability required to achieve high levels of quality and consistency with espresso coffee.

What You Will Learn

  • Learn how to dose, collapse, distribute and tamp coffee to industry Third Wave Coffee standards
  • Learn about setting espresso machine volumetrics
  • Learn how to determine espresso beverage weights and extraction yield
  • Learn how to determine coffee:milk ratios
  • Learn how to use a refractometer to optimise espresso extraction
  • Learn about advanced milk texturing and latte art

This course covers:

  • Dose, collapse, distribute and tamp coffee to Third Wave Coffee standards
  • Determine correct espresso beverage weights and coffee:milk ratios
  • Set espresso machine volumetrics
  • Use a Refractometer
  • Measure TDS and determine extraction yields
  • Achieve perfect extraction 
  • Create perfect microfoam and manage milk for Latte Art


When booking a course, you have the opportunity to purchase Scott Rao’s ‘The Professional Barista Handbook' for a highly discounted rate of $50.00 while it’s regular price is $70. Scott Rao is a coffee professional with a scientific background who practices Stockfleth technique, a modern technique which is similar to our techniques for even coffee distribution. This book is a great tool for any enthused barista.


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What you will learn

  • Dose, collapse, distribute and tamp coffee to Third Wave Coffee standards
  • Determine correct espresso beverage weights and coffee:milk ratios
  • Set espresso machine volumetrics

What you will get

  • Certificate of completion
  • 400g bag of Clandestine Roasters Beans of your choice from our current selection.
  • Achieve high standard of quality and consistency to take your barista skills to the next level.

What to bring

  • Your interest to learn!

What to wear


Appropriate for

Prerequisites: Intro to Espresso or minimum 2 years Barista Experience.

Clandestino Coffee

(104 Reviews)

We love coffee, we also love people who love coffee.

We are a coffee bean supplier and Noosa’s first specialty roaster. Since our beginning, we have been dedicated to producing the finest quality coffee and we’re certainly not going to slow down.

Living by the motto “flavour is paramount”, we are constantly searching and scouting coffee beans from farms all over the world. With every cup of coffee brewed; we want each moment to be a good one. Come join us on a flavour journey and further develop your taste buds so that you enjoy each cup of coffee a bit more.

The coffee courses take place in our learning facility that we lovingly call The Cube. 

It's located right next to our Roastery and our HQ, so you’ll see where the action happens (and might even get lucky and get a quick tour of the facilities). With coffee it takes practise and time. Working hard to memorise facts is great but being able to translate why that matters, why that’s good, why that makes this taste unique or special – that’s what matters.

We designed our coffee courses the same way as we train our wholesale clients - where consistency is key and attention to detail makes all the difference.

We invite you behind the scenes to learn our craft. 

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5.0 (3 reviews)
Gregrated it
08 Apr 2018
Thanks Taylor for a an amazing course, Taylor was incredibly knowledgable and accomodating! I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to become a barista or even if your just a coffee enthusiast making espresso at home! Thanks Greg
Alisonrated it
13 Jul 2016
I not only brushed up on "Barista Basics" skills, I was introduced to a modern scientific approach to making coffee. When all barista staff apply these techniques, a consistent result is achieved every time. Ultimately, enhancing customer experience that will keep them returning. Michael was a fantastic instructor, who had the knowledge to answer all questions, professionalism to keep on track with the curriculum balanced with light heartedness. I strongly recommend that Cafes who are serious about achieving Exceptional Coffee status, should send their staff to complete this course. Thanks again Clandestino Roasters Alison Cole
Paulrated it
22 Mar 2016
The learning aspect was fantastic. I have made coffee in the past but today's standards are far more developed than I would have thought. The teachings were delivered in a structured program and easy to understand. I defiantly reccomend this course if you are looking to work as a barista.

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