How to Market Your Book: Hot Tips

Learn how to market your book


Best sellers aren't just written, they are marketed. Writing is just  the tip of the iceberg when you are getting your book out there.

From  pre-sales to book launches to events, the self publisher mustn't ignore  the marketing side of their book or all that hard work will be wasted.

The hardest part of publishing is a book is marketing.

Get it right, and you can sell a truck-full.

Get it wrong and you're left with an awful lot of boxes in the garage.

Come along and learn how best selling authors set themselves up for success - and how you can do it too.

Even  mainstream authors who have published with a traditional publisher must  make the rounds and push their book. So how do you go about  'marketing?'

When do you start?

What will you need?

How much does it cost?

What have previoius authors done to get it out there?

Andrew  Akratos from Omne books has published many authors and helped them  market and manage the self publishing process. He is a wealth of  knowledge. We are delighted to have him back with his frank and honest  style to tell us about the world of publishing.

The image, Book Delivered by Peter Lindberg is gratefully borrowed  under a creative commons licence 2.0

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What you will learn

  • Perfect class for those who have a book, have written a book or are thinking about their book

What you will get

  • How to start marketing before you have even published
  • A chance to meet other authors
  • A plan of action

What to bring

  • Pen and paper for note taking

What to wear

Come as you are

Appropriate for

Writers and anyone with a book inside them


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