If you are keen on making your garden water efficient, then wicking boxes may be the answer for you.  

You will come away from this workshop with not only clear instructions on how to build a wicking box at home, but you will also participate in the building of one.

About the Facilitator - Rick Colasacco, Just Grow It

Rick is a Permaculture Designer, Vegetable Gardener, Composter, and owner of Just Grow It.  

Rick’s passion is for improving soil through composting (hot & cold) of recycled organic matter such as green waste, animal manures, used coffee grounds and coffee husks in order to grow nutritious vegetables and is keen to share this knowledge by educating others.  Rick has been building wicking boxes for community groups, clients, and his own garden for many years and is keen to pass on his knowledge to the world on the benefits of this growing medium.

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Class Schedule

Duration: 3 hours.

What you will learn
  • What is a wicking box?
  • How do they work?
  • How to build one?
What you will get
  • Practical and participative learning environment
  • Hands on learning - be a part of the creative process in building a wicking box
  • Detailed instruction on how to build and use a wicking box

What to bring
  • Writing pad and pen
What to wear

Outdoor shoes, rain jacket and warm clothing for outdoors


Epic Project

Vendor since 2017

EPIC (Education, Permaculture, Inspiration Community Ltd.) EPIC’s vision is 'An abundant life for all through connection and inspiration using permaculture practices'. EPIC are establishing a permaculture garden in Partnership with Parks Victoria at the George Tindale Memorial Gardens in Sherbrooke .The garden is a community project which will incorporate a food forest, children's garden, vegetable gardens and a community gathering space. EPIC is responsive to a groundswell of interest in permaculture, sustainable and regenerative practices of growing, provision of food and addressing food security issues for people who live within and visit the Dandenong Ranges.

The EPIC team have a strong belief in participation, access and engagement with our community. EPIC is underpinned by the core values of community health and well being, the right to self determination and a sense of ownership and belonging. EPIC is guided by the three core tenets of permaculture: Care for the Earth, Care of people, Fair share for all.

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