The Espresso School Melbourne, VIC


We are a specialty coffee training school located in Melbourne, Australia and have classes suited to home enthusiasts through to aspiring baristas and business owners. 

In our barista courses, we will teach you the latest coffee making techniques that are relevant to the modern day cafe. 

Our barista training facilities are fully equipped with the latest equipment and machinery to ensure a quality training environment.

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Apr 2017
Advanced Barista - Gettin' tricky! - 22 Apr 2017 2:00 PM

I did courses 1-3 here as my introduction into coffee making and definitely learned a lot. My goal is to open up a small cafe back home after exploring Melbourne's coffee industry, and the courses here really do give you the necessary technical skills to explore further on your own. However, I did think that for Course 1, it would have been nice to make more types of coffee than just "theory", as I was hoping for. Also, for course 2, It was a good intro into art, but I felt this time that it would have been more successful if the trainer had identified my "tipping" problem a bit earlier, since I hadn't been able to really practice the art part, until that was solved, seems like a lot of wasted time. Recommend the courses here for more advanced people, or people who want to "understand" more than practical. Course 3 is just great for understanding coffee. Solid overall.

Apr 2017
Espresso Basics - How to make coffee - 22 Apr 2017 10:00 AM

Learning proper coffee making from professionals was my best experience from the class. Thanks to David for teaching me the correct methods.

Apr 2017
Espresso Basics - How to make coffee - 15 Apr 2017 10:00 AM

Top course, very well delivered, clear and concise. David is a very knowledgeable individual and I am looking forward to my next course. The quickest 3 hours I have spent in a long time. If only work was this enjoyable 👍😃

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