The Espresso School Melbourne, VIC


We are a specialty coffee training school located in Melbourne, Australia and have classes suited to home enthusiasts through to aspiring baristas and business owners. 

In our barista courses, we will teach you the latest coffee making techniques that are relevant to the modern day cafe. 

Our barista training facilities are fully equipped with the latest equipment and machinery to ensure a quality training environment.

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Feb 2017
5 day Master Barista Course - 13 Feb 2017 9:00 AM

Everything from the basic to the advance knowledge a barista should know. Well structured to give students plenty of time to practice and also enough time for lecture.

Feb 2017
Latte Art - Let's get fancy - 23 Feb 2017 2:00 PM

I wasn't overall very satisfied with the class. While I did really appreciate the fact that class sizes are small and you do get a lot of practice, I didn't feel any more confident with my latte art after leaving the class. If anything I left more frustrated with my lack of progress. Also, although it is advertised that you get to learn the heart, rosetta, and tulip, we never even touched the tulip. Maybe its just me, but considering the time it takes to get there and back from the inner-city via public transport (1.5 hrs each way), plus the 2-hour class, I felt like I could have used my 5 hours much better.

Jan 2017
Espresso Basics - How to make coffee - 28 Jan 2017 10:00 AM

I didnt enjoy the class that much due to the attitude of the instructor. He wasnt a welcoming or encouraging personality and spent the first half an hour speaking directly to one particular student in the room but did finally begin engaging with others eventually. He openly spoke about having a hang over from the night before and certainly didnt appear to want to be there. I felt more as though I was an employee than a paying student as he barked instructions. When i reminded him it was the first time i was doing something he said "I dont care". I dont remember a single smile or laugh over the three hours. It was good to get started on learning but i wont be going back to continue my training there. I've rarely if ever come across someone so unsuitalbe for their training role.

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