A Message from Graham Hay:
If you have COVID, or symptoms, please reschedule without penalty prior to your class/workshop. All current WA government COVID regulations are enforced. In addition to these, all eating and drinking utilities are machine washed before classes. All clay tools and work surfaces are frequently cleaned by all students and tutor with water containing a mild surfactant.
The Paper Clay Master Class

The Paper Clay Master Class

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A one day, hands on, information packed  paper clay master workshop**.

Learn from the internationally recognised expert Graham Hay,  in an information packed, hands-on way.   Graham regularly leads international paper clay conferences and symposiums, has written many international journal articles on the material and provides generous expert information online: grahamhay.com.au/paperclay 

The venue is within Grahams’  space within the spacious, light-filled Farmer Street Studio (set 2023), previously at the  Robertson Park Artists Studio (2000-23).  A light filled creative space shared with 4 other professional painters and sculptors within the Woodville Reserve, in North Perth, nearest to the North Perth Tennis Club and Community Garden, then the Vincent Mens Shed and Bowling Club.

 **Designed specifically for the more experienced clay user, and those who have had some paper clay experience.   Beginners should enroll in the "Introduction to  Paper Clay" workshop.

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What you will learn

  • New, radical, and variations of traditional clay techniques with paper clay.
  • How to master paper clay, and develop a personal, creative style.
  • Use paper clay for pottery and sculpture, and with/out expensive equipment.

What you will get

  • One or two creations of your own.
  • Insight into the artist's thinking, processes and studio practice.
  • An information packed, hands on, day of making, experimenting, with like-minded people.
  • New knowledge, skill, and confidence.
  • Free parking, tea and real coffee.
  • Includes free $20 of paper clay to use and keep.
Parking Info

Plenty of free parking on Farmer Street, or on Namur Street (the street on the opposite (north) side of the venue).  

What to bring

  • a box to take home your work, an old newspaper, hand towel, and favourite clay tools and equipment.

What to wear

An old shirt or comfortable clothes, as you may get messy. Covered shoes are necessary as this is a working artist studio.

Appropriate for

Experienced potters, sculptors and other professional artists and clay/art educators.

Graham Hay

(41 Reviews)

Graham has taught ceramics since 1998.

He is nationally and internationally recognised as an expert in both ceramic art and also ceramic education.


Graham specialised in ceramics at high school and Teachers College, and holds separate degrees from Edith Cowan, and Curtin (hons) universities, majored in ceramics and sculpture.

His work has appeared in 150 exhibitions in ten countries, and is in public collections in six countries.

Graham has taught over 200 workshops in 12 countries, and co-lead Hungarian and US international ceramics conferences and symposiums (see www.grahamhay.com.au/workshops.html).

Authored 25 articles in ceramic journals in six countries.

Graham is very experienced teaching at absolutely beginners, intermediate and expert levels.

Frequently he teaches in schools, tertiary institutions, groups of beginners, professional artists and art educators (website).

Focuses on assisiting all students master techniques, gain confidence, relax completely, and produce amazing work.

Generous by nature, he shares over 200 pages of information on http://www.grahamhay.com.au.  Visit it and be inspired.

Read online reviews going back to 2009. Just click or cut and paste 

perth+pottery+and+sculpture+classes "review"

then Google it.

Graham is committed to excellence in ceramics education.  Since 1993 he has been recording all positive, and negative, student evaluation sheet comments verbatim from all workshops at http://www.grahamhay.com.au/comments.html

He regularly travels globally to share with and learn from fellow ceramic expert teachers.

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4.7 (3 reviews)
Lyndarated it
09 May 2022
I really enjoyed being immersed in an all day class. I felt like I learnt a secret technique which was really fun. Well done Graham!
Graham Hay 29 Mar 2023

Hi Lynda.  Yes, the one day workshops are quiet different to the weekly 2.5 hour studio classes you have been attending off and on since 2017.  The day workshop focuses upon explaining and practicing new cutting edge techniques while the weekly classes also includes traditional clay techniques, with the focus on just helping students make.  See you in the studio.

Vanessarated it
02 Nov 2019
Great class! Loads of information and lots of different techniques I can use in my own classroom in my job as a high school teacher!
Emarated it
08 May 2022
Rating Only
Graham Hay 29 Mar 2023

Thanks Ema!

Cancellations & Refunds

If the organiser cancels the class:

You are entitled to a full refund.

If you can't attend the class:

You may cancel anytime before class starts and claim a full refund.

Terms & Conditions

Class Conditions (not applicable for workshops):

1. Courtesy Saves: If you can't attend any class, your lesson credit is only protected (ie "rolled over") if you email or text me before the lesson, AND provide a specific "date of return to class".  

The quickest and easiest way is by using the reschedule link in class confirmation or reminder emails.

This information is essential to prevent too large or too small classes. 

I will confirm receipt of you text or email, and that your place in the class reserved. 

If you do not provide a return date, or do not attend the lesson, your balance will decline each week. When your balance reached zero, your shelve will be cleared (to make space for new students) and all clay recycled.

If you let me know via email/text, lessons can be rolled over for up to 2 years.

2. Similarly, if you are returning to classes after a prolonged absence, please contact me well before to ensure a place is reserved for you.

3. You can change which day and time you attend classes, and even attend more than one lesson per week, provided you have first discussed it with me, and there is space in the class.  If you are using the automatic system, you'll see live online were the gaps are and can immediately reschedule.

4. If you are likely to be away for more than two months, you will be asked to temporarily take your clay and creations home (so to make space for new students, and to encourage you to keep making at home). Upon your return a space will be again made available for you.

5. Want more flexibility? Just ask.

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