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We, team of Kintsugi Australia, offer workshops where you can learn the traditional and Modern kintsugi techniques.   These courses don’t require any pre-existing knowledge or skill.

For Traditional Kintsugi, you can learn how to repair pottery using almost the same method back in 500 years ago. You can learn this method within 3 lessons.  After completing the traditional course, you will be able to repair important tableware and decorations by yourself.  

Modern Kintsugi is the another method which use modern materials instead of traditional one.  You can learn this method in about 2 hours.  After completing this course, you will be able to do simple ornament repairs.

In Sydney , you can start both Modern and Traditional courses at any time.  

In Melbourne, Modern course and A weekend intensive course are held once every 1-2 months.  At weekend intensive course, you can learn 3 lessons in 2 days. (2 lessons on Saturday and 1 lesson on Sunday)   Please give us an email for our next schedule.

We offer repair jobs for your chipped or cracked pottery, price depending on the severity of the damage. More information an be found in our Repair page.

We sell kintsugi Art on our website, too.


About us ---why we teach Kintsugi here in Australia---

Kintsugi Australia was established in 2018 by Jun Morooka.  His first visit to Australia was 1984.    He stayed a year then became fan of Australia because of warmth of people, the city and beautiful of nature.  After that, he took the national qualification of a cook in Japan, then migrated to Australia in 1987.   One of reasons he decided to move was because he wanted Australians to know about Japan, Japanese culture, especially Japanese food.  In order to save money for restaurant management, he became a tour-guide to show Japanese tourist how to enjoy their stay here in Sydney, and  then set up a small wedding & flower business, then finally managed busy Japanese restaurant in Manly until 2017.

He came across the art of Kintsugi when he watched the Japanese TV,  and fell in love with the beauty of it and started studying it.   At that time many plates were broken in his restaurant, and he thought Kintsugi was a good method to repair them !   During his self studying of Kintsugi, he was also fascinated by philosophy of Kintsugi !   

An object is sometimes broken. however, this is part of its life, and rather than throw it away it can be repaired and the cracks remain to show its history.  Our life is exactly the same !

He bought a Kintsugi-kit when he visited Japan. then tried to do it by himself but the result was not satisfy enough. 

He looked for Kintsugi master in Australia but couldn't find any, then decided to go to  Japan to learn it. He went Japan 2-3 times a year.  He began leaning Kintsugi seriously start in 2015.

Jun sold his restaurant in 2017 and flew to Japan to pursue the art of Kintsugi for one year.
He has been studying under 5 different Masters of Kintsugi across Japan since 2015.   Interestingly, each master has a different approach and using slightly different technique.   Jun put them together, studied and established his own method.

In 2018, he founded Kintsugi Australia to spread the knowledge beauty of kintsugi to Aussies and the world.


Jun was featured on ABC NEWS


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Terms & Conditions

Due to limited seating (and we’re flying from Sydney), we can not refund you the course fee once your booking has been confirmed. 


If you have to cancel your class, we offer you a credit to your account if you cancel before 2 weeks of course starting date. You may use these towards next available class. We plan to do same sessions once every 1-2 months in Melbourne. 

Cancellation made more than 2 weeks in advance, 100% of fee to be credited.

Cancellation made within 7-14 days, 70% of fee to be credited.

Cancellation made within 2-7 days, 50% of fee to be credited.

However, if you do not cancel prior to the 48 hours, you will lose the payment for the class.

Please think once more before you book this course.

Thank you very much,

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Refund & Cancellation Policy
Kintsugi Australia requires 48 hours notice via email prior to the start of a class or event for a full refund or transfer.  Refunds and transfers will not be processed if cancellation occurs within 48 hours of the event commencing. We do not offer refunds for missed classes. There are no fees for refunds or transfers. For cancellations prior to the 48 hour cut off, email Kintsugi Australia to organise a refund or transfer
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