Phoenix Singers

Phoenix Singers

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A cappella singing group that draws its repertoire of songs from singing traditions across the globe. No experience required.

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What you will learn
  • A cappella singing group that draws its repertoire of songs from singing traditions across the globe.
What you will get
  • Expert tuition from an experienced teacher.

What to bring
  • Just your enthusiasm!
What to wear

Comfortable clothing that won't restrict your movement!

Appropriate for

No experience necessary.


Livingstone Community Centre

Vendor since 2018

Livingstone Community Centre (LCC) is a ministry of the Ivanhoe Baptist Church and offers affordable short courses,  support programs, the Ivanhoe Makers Market, food bank, hall hire opportunities plus more, to people within the community.

The Ivanhoe Baptist Church has been running for over 100 years and in December 1999 the centre was opened for the first time with its first program starting in February 2000.

LCC is a registered Neighbourhood House within the Banyule City Council.

Our centre is a place for friendship, learning and belonging. Our mission statement is that the centre seeks to strengthen community in a safe and positive environment and to nurture the social, intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being of all who participate.

Over time the centre has grown considerably with currently approximately 650 people per week passing through our doors in search of everything from playgroup, choirs and language classes to art, craft, spirituality, health and well-being programs.

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Refund & Cancellation Policy

Refunds will be made when a course is cancelled or when a participant withdraws up to a week before the starting date.  Refunds will only be made part - way through a term if you experience an unexpected event (eg. illness) and you provide supporting evidence (eg. medical certificate).  The cost of any previously attended classes / sessions will be deducted before a refund is made.  For refunds of $50 or less, a cancellation fee of $5 applies.  For refunds greater than $50, a cancellation fee equal to 10% of the refunded amount will apply.  

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Terms & Conditions

Bookings & Enrolments

Bookings are essential for all events.  

All prices are G.S.T inclusive. 


If you will be / are away from class / session for more than 2 weeks during term, please ensure you advise your tutor / leader, or the office.  This will ensure you keep your place.  

If your circumstances change and you no longer need your place in your class / session, please let us know so it can be offered to the next person on the waiting list. 

Privacy Statement

LCC collects personal information, ie.  your name, address, contact details, etc)to enable us to complete our enrolment.  LCC respects all personal and confidential information given and will take all practical precautions to protect information from unauthorised access, loss or misuse. 

Relevant information will be forwarded to the tutor of each class.  Please notify the office if you do not want your details to be forwarded to the class tutor. 

Offline Bookings e.g Payment made at the LCC office or made through the LCC office over the phone, please note that you'll be agreeing to LCC's terms and conditions and refund policy and WeTeachMe terms and conditions including privacy policy https://weteachme.com/pages/terms-and-conditions and https://weteachme.com/pages/privacy-policy. 

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28 March 2020 • Phoenix Singers

Phoenix Singers continues to offer a great experience. Excellent teaching from Therese, good acoustics in the hall, and a very friendly group of people who welcome newcomers.


24 September 2019 • Phoenix Singers

Phoenix Singers is a very welcoming group. New members soon feel at home with the older ones. Gentle exercises followed by simple rounds warm us up for the more challenging songs. Our leader, Therese Virtue, is brilliant at leading members new and old into songs they never thought they would be able to sing. Her selections range through many styles from different parts of the world. I lean towards African, Gospel and Celtic music, but enjoy the challenge of songs from South America, Georgia or East Timor. We sing for our own enjoyment, but occasionally perform in public; at times we join members of Therese's other groups.


21 July 2019 • Phoenix Singers

You asked me to review Phoenix Singers. Phoenix Singers is the highlight of the week for many of us. Over the fifteen years I have been a member of the choir I have made many friendships, enjoyed being part of a close-knit community that shares our happy times and opens its arms to hold us when we are sad. The wonderful leadership of Therese and the varied array of songs she brings to us, as well as the skills she teaches us, the performances she guides us through, make singing a joy. If you are also asking for a review of the Livingstone Community Centre, I am sorry that I cannot be as positive. If you had asked for a review earlier in the year I would have sung the praises of the Centre as well, loudly and with gusto. The Centre has always been so welcoming, abuzz with all sorts of classes and projects sharing the space- walkers meeting for a morning excursion, children learning Italian, parents and grandparents pushing prams, boxes ready to be filled with corks or food for the needy, Christmas parcels being collected and wrapped for children and their families overseas, families who don’t have the pleasure of receiving gifts as many of us do. Susan was there with a smile each week to welcome us, to occasionally join us for a song if she could spare the time, to collect our money at the beginning of each term. The Livingstone Community Centre was a happy hub of friendship and interesting activities. It was the heart of the local community, full of goodwill and energy. Perhaps it still is for many. I hope so. I still love being a part of Phoenix Singers but the Centre seems sterile, more of a business incubator than a community centre. The other rooms are empty, even the office is locked on a Friday. Why, when there has been a 40% increase in fees overnight, is the office not open on a Friday? How can those of us who do not like to enter credit card details online pay our term fees? Instead of a friendly coordinator in the office to accept our money and issue us with a receipt there are officious and I find rather insulting memos and email reminders to pay our fees long before the term even commences. While I understand that wages must be paid and records kept, that there is a business to run, we are now treated like the customers of electricity and gas companies, with impersonal reminders and a tone that is more badgering than welcoming and trusting. The spirit of our community centre has always been generous and kindly. The current regimented approach to fee-paying, through the We Teach Me team, and doors closed to personal communication is sad to see.

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