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Food garden 4 part workshop series

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This 4 part afternoon workshop series held from February to May 2020 from 1 - 4pm, subsidized by the Moreton Bay Regional Council, is only $10 per workshop or $40 in total. 

The workshop program is as follows

  1. Workshop 1  on 15 February 2020 -  Food garden design tips
  2. Workshop 2 on 14 March 2020 - Food garden soil management tips
  3. Workshop 3 is on 18 April 2020 - Food garden planting tips
  4. Workshop 4 is on 23 May - Food garden pest and disease management

This workshop series will give you a strong platform of knowledge in all the key organic gardening principles and you will see these principles demonstrated over the change of seasons during the workshop program in the large food gardens of the workshop presenter. 

The workshops are all in Peter Kearney's Draper gardens,  only 5 minutes from Samford Village,. Participant numbers are limited to 20 people. Peter is a very experienced organic and biodynamic gardener, urban farmer, food garden designer and organic food growing educator. 

This registration covers all 4 workshops described above.  Each workshop builds on the next to give you a comprehensive introduction to productive food growing with organic methods in our Brisbane sub tropical climate.. 

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What you will learn
  • Ideal layout for a vegetable and herb garden
  • How to manage healthy soil in the food garden
  • Key planting techniques and management tactics to reduce pests and diseases
What you will get
  • Digital handout material on the workshop content

What to bring
  • Writing pad
  • Water bottle
What to wear

Gardening clothes with sun hat

Appropriate for

Organic gardeners from teenager to adult of any age

Avaiable at the workshop

A wide range of organically grown food from the workshop presenters garden will be for available sale at the end of the workshop


My Food Garden

Vendor since 2013

My Food Garden provides knowledge and services to support the transformation of our food system to being more local and organic. Our business empowers people living in and around cities to be more productive at growing their own food. 

We are located in Brisbane, Australia and deliver our services locally and nationally. Our services in urban farming and organic gardening combine a mixture of hands-on education, mentoring and garden building, in addition to working on larger scale urban agriculture projects. Supporting the emergence of financially sustainable urban farming is one of our core goals.

The business commenced in 2006 and our first web site release in 2008 was under the name of Cityfood Growers and we are now branded as My Food Garden. The company was founded by Peter Kearney, an experienced organic and biodynamic gardener, educator, urban farmer and strategist.

The business has a small team with passion and knowledge in organic food growing and an expanding set of relationships with the movers and shakers of urban agriculture around the world.

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