Establishing a compost that works On-Demand

Establishing a compost that works

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So you've decided you want to get to grips with composting.  This one hour pre recroded session will set you on your way and teach you how to set up a compost bin, how to look after it and what do when things get smelly or go awry. Great for beginner gardeners, but also very useful to anyone who wants to get the best out of their compost and quickly. 

We will cover what is compost, how it is made, the role of the Carbon : Nitrogen ratio and provide you with a basic compost recipe, including what to do and add to accelerate the composting process.  Not every thing goes to plan, so we will identify the most common problems and remedies so you can set yourself up to succeed with your first new years resolution!

Cutting food waste is the most effective action an individual can take to reduce personal emissions. Kitchen and garden waste make up a large portion of what many households throw into the home garbage bins which creates methane in landfill, a toxic greenhouse gas.  So do your bit and join the composting revolution.

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What you will learn

  • The alchemy of composting

What you will get

  • A years access to the recording.

Appropriate for

Beginner gardeners or those wanting to excel in making compot

Sustainable Gardening Australia (SGA) is a not-for-profit non-government organiation dedicated to achieving a healthy biodiverse planet.

Its driving purpose is to:

  • Encourage, educate and enable home and professional gardeners to adopt sustainable gardening practices to protect or enhance the natural environment;
  • Provide information, education and undertake research about the natural environment;
  • Reconnect people to the natural world through gardening; and
  • Ensure an understanding of the impacts that gardening decisions about chemical and resource use have on the natural environment well beyond their neighbourhood.
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Your Teacher

Teresa has been responsible for the delivery of the community training program at SGA for over two years. She is a sustainable design professional with experience in community development and environmental education.  A home gardener for over 20 years and a chicken keeper and forager she has a particular interest in personal sustainable choices and lifestyle changes individuals can implement within their home and garden to reduce their carbon footprint and connect better with their local community.

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