Identify & Understand Fabrics Workshop

Identify & Understand Fabrics Workshop

Become confident at choosing the right fabric

Next Available: Wed, 03 May 6:00PM (AEST)
2 hours
Over 50 people have attended this class


Learn to choose the right fabric for your projects with your new understanding of fabrics. In this 2hour workshop you cover:


  • Fabric background, production methods and environmental impacts
  • Man-made vs natural textile fibres                       
  • Fabric characteristics
  • Identifying wovens, knits and non-wovens
  • Knit types and weave structures
  • Conduct burn tests
  • Choosing the right fabric for your sewing project
  • Care for your fabrics and avoid laundry tragedies

Optional - bring along a pattern and the fabric for your next project to discuss its suitability.

We are developing a series of Preparations for Sewing sessions, discover more of these sessions - click here.

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What you will learn

  • Get forensic! Understand the difference between fabrics and fibres
  • Avoid wasting money on the wrong fabric choice
  • Knowledge of fabric history, production and environmental impacts

What you will get

  • Learn how to conduct a burn test and assess fabric in other ways
Parking Info
  • Level 1, 329 Brunswick St, Fitzroy. Look for the red door.
  • Most Brunswick St parking is ticketed & max' 2hrs. However, longer time parking is available in the paid Coles Car Park.
  • Public Transport is the ideal way to get here - jump on the 11 tram & get off at Johnston St.

What to bring

  • Optional - bring a swatch of fabric to try to identify
  • Optional - bring patterns you want to discuss choosing fabric for

What to wear


Appropriate for

Anyone who wants to improve their sewing outcomes.

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4.4 (12 reviews)
Tanyarated it
30 Mar 2023Identify & Understand Fabrics Workshop
I learnt so much from this workshop it was definitely worth attending. The person running the workshop had a wealth of technical knowledge. S
Romyrated it
13 Aug 2022
Unfortunately this was a disappointing workshop for me, and I didn’t learn much from it. There is some good info in it for anyone brand new to sewing, but if you already have some projects under your belt, you can just as easily read about fabrics online. First of all, the information covered in the class was all very theoretical. I imagine for any novice sewists it’s useful to learn about how various fabrics and fibers are made, but without having samples so you can see and feel the qualities of different fabrics, it all stays pretty abstract. What we covered in our workshop could have just been an online course, or a 30-minute read. The only practical thing we did was the burn test, but the instructor, Ally, didn’t know beforehand what fabrics the burning samples were made of, so it still ended up being a bit of a guessing game. I did appreciate that she grabbed some extra samples from her fabric book so we could see and smell the burn test for wool and silks. Secondly, the class didn’t cover everything that was mentioned in the description; we didn’t go into what fabrics to choose for what projects at all. I’m not sure why this wasn’t covered as Ally ran out of things to say with half an hour still left to go. Lastly, Ally was super friendly and enthusiastic, but spent most of the workshop just reading from the handouts we were given, which wasn’t very engaging. I think this workshop could really benefit from a revamp, and I think a great addition would be to have several large samples of various types of fabrics, so students can translate the theory into tactile and visual feedback. This would also feed into “what fabric to choose for various projects” part of the class really well.
Soniarated it
10 Aug 2022
Thank you for your happiness and the knowledges that you shared with us.
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We've tried to answer any questions you could have in the workshop description, but again, don't hesitate to email us for any further details or with any queries. We loooove to see that fabric you are thinking of using and sending you off to some of our favourite fabric and habby suppliers. 

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