Essential Oil Blending & Perfume Workshop

Essential Oil Blending & Perfume Workshop

About This Class

What You Will Learn

  • Learn about the different qualities of essential oils
  • Learn how to blend essential oils
  • Create your own custom natural perfume oil using your own custom blend

What You Get

  • All materials provided including essential oils, perfume roller bottle, and notes to take home!


Prepare your nostrils to be taken on an adventure!

Come and delight your senses in this 90 minute essential oil blending and perfume workshop with founder of Clean Slate, Kat Snowden, who’ll share her extensive knowledge of essential oils and their properties. With Kat’s background in aromatherapy and cosmetic chemistry you will be guided by her expertise and your own sensory preferences to create a beautiful custom perfume oil.

You’ll leave this workshop with the knowledge to go home and create many of your own perfume oils, as well as learning interesting ways to use essential oils in your day to day life!


It all started with an itch… and by that we mean a physical one. Clean Slate owner, Kat Snowden, wanted a natural alternative to the cortisone cream she had been using to treat her eczema. No bells, no whistles, just natural ingredients. And she never looked back.  

An expert on all things skin related, she has single handedly formulated and crafted a range of products that encapsulate over a decade of late nights and early mornings trialling and perfecting.

Priding herself on her ability to make beautiful, high quality products honest and approachable, her time not working on new products is spent teaching and educating others on ingredients and processes.

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Jul 2017

It was a lot of fun. I enjoyed smelling the different essential oils and learning a bit about how they are traditionally blended but was pleased we were encouraged to experiment for ourselves.

Jul 2017

I really enjoyed this class. I have experimented a little with essential oils before but the simplicity in which this class was taught really allowed me the space to play with the oils and their scent combinations. Kat was very open and generous with sharing her knowledge. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone who would like to play around more with essential oils or anyone that just needs to be rejuvenated back into their passion for oils and scents.