Screenprinting 101

What to Bring

  • Screen designs (must be submitted a week in advance to
  • Any acrylic paint colours you’d like to print with.
  • Clothes to print in
  • Things to print: Clothes/nice paper/anything flat, smooth and preferably porous
  • (I will try and help you print anything and everything but there are some things that just are not made from screen printing. i.e – Don’t bring your bike)

What to Wear

  • Casual (Warning: It might get messy!)

Screenprinting 101

About This Class

What You Will Learn

  • How silkscreen/preparation/exposing works
  • Explanation/demonstration of how silkscreen printing works
  • Personal explanation of your own screen and the best ways to print your design

What You Get

  • Inks fill
  • Squeegees
  • Practice paper
  • Masking tape


Hey! My names Cam Scott and I’m an artist / professional printmaker. Currently I’m finishing off my honours year at COFA, have my own silkscreen business and just generally froth on all things screen. So I’m keen to spread the love and teach you about the awesome things a silkscreen can do.

Most people usually associate silkscreen with Tshirts and posters but over the last 5 years I’ve been exploring the untapped potential for silkscreen, printing all kinds of crazy things in the process. Skateboards, computers, bars, cars, surfboards and a fair few walls around Sydney as well so if your interested or just want to print something of your own – SCREAM SCREEN.

  • Class run through of how silkscreen / preparation / exposing works.
  • Class explanation / demonstration of how silkscreen printing works.
  • Personal explanation of your own screen / best ways to print your design.
  • Personal help printing whatever you want!

(Maybe some sneaky street screening at conclusion if people are keen!)

About Cam Scott

Don’t leave any valuable materials lying around because if this guy finds it he’ll probably take it home and turn it into his next art project – which isn’t actually a bad thing, so maybe do leave your stuff out… Sourcing materials from the surrounding environment, council clean ups, or anything that happens to be sitting on the side of the road, Cam Scott gives life to once discarded materials and turns them into… well anything.

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