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Remember that warm and fuzzy feeling you used to get as a kid in art class? That playful curiosity you used to have before life took over and told you you needed to adult?

If you’re keen to reignite that creative spark in a big way or maybe just dabble on your free weekends, we've got an art class in sydney that's perfect for you. Try your hand at drawing and painting, or maybe challenge yourself and take up tapestry weaving or paper mache making. Life is one gigantic canvas. Go nuts and give it a brilliant splash of colour!

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Watercolour Basics

How to get started with Watercolour artwork

26 Oct 6:30PM
2.0 hours

Watercolour Basics

How to get started with Watercolour artwork

28 Oct 10:00AM
2.0 hours

Introduction to Brush Lettering

At The Makery with Alena from Moonlight Creations

11 Oct 6:00PM
2.0 hours
from $18.00


Learn to Riso Print

07 Oct 3:00PM
1 hour

Leadlight Stained Glass Masterclass

With Kirby from Legacy Stained Glass

03 Feb 9:00AM
9.0 hours

Live Nude Model Painting - THURS 5 October, Sydney

Live Nude Model Painting, no experience needed!

05 Oct 7:00PM
2.0 hours
from $15.00


Sunday Sketch Club

29 Oct 4:30PM
2.0 hours

Mini City Building

A bit of fun for us adults to make our own city!

21 Oct 10:00AM
2.0 hours


Zen Painting Workshop

Create Beautiful Zen Artworks

04 Nov 10:00AM
4.5 hours

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