Etsy Craft Party

What to Bring

  • Inspiration and a willingness to get your hands dirty!

Etsy Craft Party

About This Class

What You Will Learn

  • Get crafty with your fellow creatives!

What You Get

  • Scissors, pencils, glitter.. anything your heart desires to create amazing things!


Etsy Craft Party is all about sparking creativity and letting those sparks fly. Make some creative messes and make them with friends!

Join Sydney Made, Etsy and Work-Shop, and get your craft on!  We will have an extravaganza of projects sure to please whatever floats your crafty boat. Expect sparkles, messy hands and inspiration a-go-go. Learn from the makers of some of Sydney's top Etsy stores and meet fellow creative folk, and enjoy some drinks and nibbles while you're at it!

Let your imagination run wild and create your own masterpiece (don't forget to share your creations with #EtsyCraftParty)!

About Sydney Made...

We're Sydney Made, and proud of it!

Sydney Made supports local craftspeople.  We do this by promoting the work of our members to the World, and building relationships with local businesses, connecting them to local makers.  We believe in the value of handmade, locally produced work by people who are passionate about their products.

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Jul 2016
Etsy Craft Party - 17 Jun 2016 6:30 PM

It was really worth the money. Really fun. Free snacks and taking my crafts home was the best

Jun 2016
Etsy Craft Party - 17 Jun 2016 6:30 PM

I thoroughly enjoyed participating in the Etsy Craft Party at Work-Shop. The four different activities were fun and even a bit challenging and the Work-Shop space itself worked really well for the event. I daresay I will attend future craft activities at Work-shop in the future.

Jun 2016
Etsy Craft Party - 17 Jun 2016 6:30 PM

Had the best time blending our own tea and making miniature jewellery by shrinking pictures we drew in the oven

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