The Design Conference Presents: Getting Noticed with Timba Smits

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The Design Conference Presents: Getting Noticed with Timba Smits

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In conjunction with the The Design Conference,  award-winning designer, artist/illustrator and creative director of some of the worlds most iconic magazines – Timba Smits joins us to give participants an understanding of what it takes to package yourself as a quality choice over other artists, how to win opportunities and hold on to them. through to starting side projects and engaging with audiences online / offline.

This workshop is designed for participants who have an existing art, illustration or design background who are interested in boosting their visibility and appeal to potential clients, Art Directors, Customers or social audiences.

Through hands-on participation in individual and group discussions, portfolio sessions, one-on-one guidance, and critical discussion on creative output, Timba will give participants something to think about when it comes to knocking on that next door of opportunity.

One of the hardest challenges for any artist, illustrator, designer or creative doer starting out is getting noticed.  The inconvenient truth for creatives is… the world is full of noise. So whether you’re working in print, digital or video, you have to work harder than ever to make something that will cut through.

First Impressions Count.


Timba Smits is an award-winning designer, artist, illustrator and part-time crime fighter based in East London. He’s also the Creative Director of iconic movie magazine Little White Lies and its culturally relevant sister magazine, Huck.

Timba cut his design teeth in the mid 2000s by co-founding and self-publishing his own independent arts/culture MEGAzine: Wooden Toy Quarterly – famous for being the only quarterly magazine to come out once per year. And proud of it. For a while he was co-founder and Art Director of Melbourne’s Gorker Gallery before moving to London. Since then, Timba has worked collaboratively with some of the world’s leading brands.

Through 10 years of experience working as an award-winning designer, artist/illustrator and creative director of some of the worlds most iconic magazines, Timba has gathered a wealth of experience on what it  takes to create and publish work that is relevant and influential.

Working on both sides of the fence as creative director (in charge of commissioning) and an illustrator for some of the worlds leading brands including Wired, The New York Times, SBS, and Esquire, Timba owns a swag of insight and proven experience on what works well for getting noticed, winning job opportunities and getting to that enviable position of becoming a creative influencer.


Five years ago we started dreaming of designing an event experience, tailored to the creative industry. We envisioned world class speakers, incredible audio-visual production, interactive side-events and hands on learning opportunities. This is ultimately an event which provides a high-value experience for its audience, speakers, supporters and sponsors.

In 2011, we made our biggest step — the first. What we lacked in experience was overshadowed by our ability to deliver a unique event that people loved. The next 3 years were spent expanding the event into the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne, before returning our focus to our creative locale: Brisbane.

With four years under our belt, The Design Conference 2015 was delivered at the Brisbane Powerhouse, a world class venue in the heart of Brisbane. We were humbled by the positive feedback, which was perhaps best epitomised by Andy Wright, from ‘For The People’, who tweeted “…it was the best event I’ve ever been to…”

We cant wait for this years event. It will be a dream come true.

We love you Brisbane.

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