Detox Your Life: Essential Oils

What to Bring

  • A Pen and paper to take notes

Detox Your Life: Essential Oils

About This Class

What You Will Learn

  • All about essential oils, and how to use them in your daily life
  • How to mix oils, creating your own unique blend

What You Get

  • Holisitc remedies and chemical free alternatives
  • DIY recipes
  • A custom blended rollerball of your own oils!


In this class you will learn all about the holistic health benefits of incorporating essential oils into your life. With a guide into safety and quality, several diy recipes and remedies to support your health and wellbeing and replace many of your toxic chemical for clean natural ones.

We’ll also dive into DIY mode creating a custom bath soak to take home!

About Veronica Lee Drayton...

Veronica is a pusher of love and light and she’s on a mission to make people feel good!

 What started as a physical wellness journey after a health scare in 2012 has lead to a passionate and in-depth adventure into spirituality, holistic health and the mind body connection. Find out more at

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Aug 2016
Detox Your Life: Essential Oils - 25 Aug 2016 6:30 PM

We were lectured for 1.5 about Doterra essential oils and some of the ways they can be used. It felt more like a sales pitch than a class or a workshop. Amway for essential oils! Not really worth the time and money. There was very little interaction and honestly I could not wait to get out of there. The space looks cool but is pretty much just a half empty warehouse so it was freezing cold - I would avoid any evening classes until the weather warms up!

Aug 2016
Detox Your Life: Essential Oils - 25 Aug 2016 6:30 PM

I learnt aromatherapy basics, how to mix oils, and some helpful blends. Would recommend to others.