The Design Conference Presents: Shape Your Head with Jonathan Calugi

What to Bring

  • Laptop with a copy of Adobe Illustrator installed. (Trial can be found
  • A desire to learn from the best!

What to Wear

  • Casual

The Design Conference Presents: Shape Your Head with Jonathan Calugi

About This Class

What You Get

  • Lunch Included!
  • Fast tracked entrance to The Design Conference!


In conjunction with the The Design Conference, join renowned artist, Jonathan Calugi, for his modular design workshop "Shape Your Head."

In this workshop, the students, helped by Jonathan, will start to explore the universe of less and use a computer like a limitation. Utilising Adobe Illustrator, just one line weight and one shape, they will have to represent a part of story. Each student will have different element and different part of a strange story. At the mid point of workshop, the student will share all material with other student and they start to draw each one an infinite pattern where the story starts from zero and arrives at another zero. A continuous exploration in negative space, less element, connection, word in a world and a funny lesson about how to loose yourself in a line. 

Materials from the final results will be published and shared online with the previous permission of each student.


Born in Pistoia, Italy, Jonathan Calugi is an illustrator based in Italy and it is from his self-proclaimed chaotic workspace, that he creates his clean illustration and pattern works. Each piece is a take on his quirky child-like doodles with clean minimal lines and simple, uncomplicated colours.

And it is through these simple visual works, that Jonathan draws in viewers to a basic stand and cultivates appreciation the very epitome of the common phrase of "Less is more". A very good nudge away from what can be a messy and rather perplexing world at times.

Some of the latest project include artist limited series for delonghi uniqlo and fubon art gallery.

Clients include Nike Europe, Sony UK, Gold, Noodlepark, We Form, 9volt, Faro Giocattoli, Apple, Tres Tinatas, Nikita, Imgs, Electunes, Feltrinelli to name a few.

Nominated as the New Visual Artist 2010 by Print Magazine

PRINT has featured an annual issue called the New Visual Artists Review, which introduces and profiles 20 of the promising rising talents in graphics and design all under the age of 30. Yes me one of those YEP.


Five years ago we started dreaming of designing an event experience, tailored to the creative industry. We envisioned world class speakers, incredible audio-visual production, interactive side-events and hands on learning opportunities. This is ultimately an event which provides a high-value experience for its audience, speakers, supporters and sponsors.

In 2011, we made our biggest step — the first. What we lacked in experience was overshadowed by our ability to deliver a unique event that people loved. The next 3 years were spent expanding the event into the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne, before returning our focus to our creative locale: Brisbane.

With four years under our belt, The Design Conference 2015 was delivered at the Brisbane Powerhouse, a world class venue in the heart of Brisbane. We were humbled by the positive feedback, which was perhaps best epitomised by Andy Wright, from ‘For The People’, who tweeted “…it was the best event I’ve ever been to…”

We cant wait for this years event. It will be a dream come true.

We love you Brisbane.

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