Sketchy Faces

Sketchy Faces

About This Class

What You Will Learn

  • New ways to view and represent facial features
  • About line, tone, gesture, contouring and proportions

What You Get

  • All the materials you need!


Does your idea of drawing consist of stick figures and smiley faces? Looking to change that!?  

If so, then this portrait drawing class is for you...

Open to both beginners and experienced artists, you'll learn various techniques and styles needed to draw the human face.  You'll learn about proportions, and find new ways to look at facial features.  Drawing from a live model, the class will feature a number of exercises, covering everything from line, tone, gesture, contouring, and proportions.  

They say once you master drawing the human form, you can draw anything... so come and become master artists with us!!!

About Cilla Campbell...

Although Cilla Campbell comes from a family with a long link with the visual arts, it was not until the early 1990s that she formally studied art. After individual tuition from several established artists working in a broad range of disciplines she took the plunge and completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (BFA) at the National Art School. Cilla works in a range of media including drawing and printmaking. Inspiration for her work comes from a love of dance and Sydney harbour.

As well as her own art, Cilla is a well known art teacher working in Sydney. Specialising in adult visual art training she regularly hosts classes in a broad range of disciplines, including drawing, pastel and printmaking. Since 2007 she has been one of the principal art tutors at the WEA adult training college in Bathurst Street, Sydney.

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