Macrame Plant Hangars

What to Bring

  • Students need only to bring their bodies! All are welcome to bring their favorite yarn or a plant/pot

Macrame Plant Hangars

About This Class

What You Will Learn

  • Learn about the materials used, and how to start with a basic knot!
  • Create a one of a kind piece of art!

What You Get

  • All you need! Yarn, rope, brass rings, and clothing racks from which to hang your work while you knot.


Macrame is a textile art that uses knots rather than weaving or knitting.Whilst most people will remember it as very retro 70’s craft it is actually much older! The Victorians were really into it too!

Learn to make macrame plant hangers with Little Feral's fiber artist, Kaysie Condron!

You'll learn all of the basic knots and gain an understanding of the process that is essential to going forward and working independently. You will leave with your own rad plant hanger, but more than that, you will have gained a skill that will enrich your life! All supplies will be provided, including coloured yarn to give your work a little zing! Students are welcome (but not required) to bring a plant to class.

Macrame workshops are a fun way to learn a new skill and to take something home that you can display and enjoy.

About Kaysie and Little Feral...

Kaysie Condron is a do-er, a maker, and an innovator. Born in Chicago and living in Portland, she's visiting Australia to share her enthusiasm for fiber art. Her love of rich textures and desire to constantly create led to her to teach herself macrame in 2013, after 5 years of illustrating and bar-managing. Her life thus far has been a mashup of many trials and many errors in a wide variety of art forms, and she’s found that the best method remains to unleash her medium (and with it, her creativity), while exploring a deeply meditative process. The result is wild and freeform fiber art, both for wear and for display. See examples at

Kaysie is passionate about connecting makers to the larger community through events, including pop-up sales and traveling workshops, in both macrame and cocktail creation. She is excited to continue to share her skills and resources with those around her and encourage others to express themselves.

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