Botanical Eco Printing

What to Bring

  • Comfortable clothes you don't mind getting a little dirty/dyed
  • A rubber mallet if you have one, otherwise a hammer
  • Lots of different flowers if you or your neighbour have flowers or coloured, soft leaves (brighter colours leave a better print!). Please, no eucalypt!
  • Plastic bags and newspaper to take your wet fabric home

What to Wear

  • casual

Botanical Eco Printing

About This Class

Class Schedule

  • Duration: 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM

What You Will Learn

  • How to imprint botanics into fabric
  • Sustainability of dyeing
  • Where to find natural materials to print with, in your own home/backyard

What You Get

  • All ingredients/materials for printing process
  • Aprons & Gloves to keep clean
  • Samples and knowledge to take to continue making beautiful things at home!
  • A silk scarf to create your masterpiece!


Do you love flowers?  Do you ever wonder how you can take the beauty of botanicals... and wear them??!?

Bettina, of Dye Haus, is a passionate dyer and gardener and often wondered how she could make the beauty of flowers last. Travelling in Japan she was shown a technique which she has now adapted and uses regularly with great success!

Based on the ancient art of 'hapa zome' or flower pounding/hammering,  you will learn how to imprint the beauty of flowers onto fabric, and preserve it for years!

Rather than boiling fabric to achieve eucalyptus leaf prints, you will be creating delicate but incredibly vibrant prints on silk with a more time effecitive and gentle process. You will be astounded how clear and bright the prints will be and how quickly and easily they can be achieved.

Join Dye Haus and Work-Shop, as we use nature to create beautiful (and wearable!) works of art!!!

About Bettina Ludovici (DyeHaus)

Bettina's passion for dyeing spans decades!  She decided to turn her passion into a career, formalizing and deepening her skills with a Diploma of Textile Design and Screen printing.  She's worked in various creative fields, from operating a ceramics studio, to working in the book trade, and now travels extensively to attend (and teach!) workshops.

Bettina runs DyeHaus, a studio located in the Upper Blue Mountains, offering a variety of dyeing workshops.. find out more at

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Feb 2017
Botanical Eco Printing - 18 Feb 2017 2:00 PM

Excellent intro to Botanical Eco Printing. Learnt lots in a very short period of time. Tutor was very good with loads of samples and ideas.

Feb 2017
Botanical Eco Printing - 18 Feb 2017 2:00 PM

how to dye fabrics with natural products. But i found that 2 hours was not enough, maybe 3 hours. But i thoroughly enjoyed the class, thank you.

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