Productivity 101: A Guide to Getting Shit Done!

What to Bring

  • An open mind, personal stories, pen and notepad

Productivity 101: A Guide to Getting Shit Done!

About This Class

What You Will Learn

  • How to manage overwhelm and burn-out
  • How to manage your emotional happiness and mental focus
  • How to find your flow


Do you find yourself busy, stressed and overwhelmed by all the things you think you should be doing?

Well, isn't it time you kicked should to the curb! 

Instead of someone asking you, "How are you?" and you replying, "Busy" - wouldn't it feel good to say "Hey, I'm productive!"? Busy is when things happen to you. Productive is when you make shit happen. 

This workshop will help you discover focus, flow and managing your energy levels so you can seriously start kicking goals, because multi-tasking is just the ability to f*ck up more than one thing at a time. 


Dara Simkin is a certified Life Coach, but prefers to be seen as someone who loves supporting the greater good. She’s not quite sure who thought calling it ‘Life Coaching’ was a very good idea, but she hasn’t really bothered with trying to come up with a cheesier title like Agent of Change. She believes self-development should be approachable & accessible without blowing a bunch of smoke up your bum. Personal growth is about openness, curiosity, creativity & playfulness. She’s grateful to be able to share her passion with others and she’s done workshops with corporates, yogis and grade six students.

Her passion for personal-development started more than a decade ago, when she started searching for, and discovering, her own spiritual path – having had a rather confusing religious upbringing. She began to pave her own way, which soon turned in to her becoming a facilitator and personal development nerd.

You can find her at Melbourne Natural Wellness on Collins St and be sure to follow her on Instagram to find out when her next workshop is – @darasimkin and check out her web site (she made it herself).  She’s also American and loves pizza.

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Jun 2017

Check emails in the afternoon and your brain needs a rest just like your body does.

Feb 2017

I learnt and was reminded what I need to do to focus and get shit done.